Wish Affiliate Program: All That You Wish To Know

Wish Affiliate Program

Wish is one of the largest and cheapest e-commerce platforms but would you join it to make some passive earnings? Read on to find the answer!

Wish: Company Snapshot

Founded by ex-Google engineer Piotr Szulczewski in San Francisco in 2010, Wish is a global e-commerce platform that operates in more than 100 countries in 40 languages. 

Its mission is to make mobile shopping an affordable and enjoyable experience through intuitive technology for its billions of customers. 

The marketplace sells approximately 1.7 million products per day. With more than 500,000 merchants registered and 150 million+ products for sale, Wish makes the wishes of its 90 million active users’ come true. 

The annual revenues of Wish are to the tune of $2 billion and the company is worth approximately $9 million. 

How Does The Wish Affiliate Program Work?

Wish runs its affiliate program through Impact and VigLink. At the moment, it’s not available on FlexOffers. 

FlexOffers site not hosting the Wish affiliate program.

As an affiliate, you can sign up on either of the affiliate networks. 

On Impact, the affiliate program of Wish gives you:

  • $0.01 per product for total sales order of less than $1. 
  • 1% commission on all other amounts of sales.
  • The commission applies to each CPA. 
Wish affiliate program details on Impact

If you join the wish.com affiliate program on VigLink, the following commission structure applies:

  • $0.01 per click average. 
  • 10% sales commission. 
Wish affiliate program details on VigLink 

Other elements of the program include:

  • One-day cookie duration. 
  • Non-recurring commission structure. 
  • Payment threshold: $10. 
  • Payment methods: PayPal and bank account. 
  • Payment timeline: 30 days. 

11 Benefits of Wish Affiliate Program

The key benefits of the Wish affiliate program are:

1. Lowest prices

The lowest prices by 50-80% are assured as buyers are directly in touch with suppliers. 

2. High acceptance rate

Genuine affiliates have a 95% chance of getting accepted into the Wish affiliate program. 

3. Personalized shopping experience

Resonates in-store shopping through its app by personalizing the shopper experience. 

4. A huge array of products

A wide range of products from clothing to gadgets to beauty products that an affiliate can promote and earn. 

5. Deep links

Deep-linking opportunities help affiliates direct a customer to a specific page instead of a generic homepage. 

So, if your content is about snowshoes, you can embed a link that takes your site visitor to the merchant site. This helps to generate a higher conversion rate. At the same time, your visitors get more helpful and relevant info from your site, thereby helping it to rank. 

6. Marketing support

A range of promotional and marketing tools is available for affiliates to increase sales and revenues. 

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7. Optimized website

A user-friendly and easily navigable Impact website is there to convert leads into customers. 

8. Monitoring solutions

Moreover, the Impact website gives you superb tracking solutions to monitor all the sales done on Wish and never miss a commission. 

9. Popular app

Wish is one of the most downloaded apps, making it valuable for affiliates. 

10. All-time marketing support

From Impact, any wish.com affiliate gets full support from a hands-on marketing team to guide you to success. 

11. High rating

On Trustpilot, Wish has an average 4-star rating, making it a reliable affiliate program. 

Wish Affiliate Program: The Cons

Every coin has two sides and so does the Wish affiliate program. Some of the main disadvantages of this affiliate program are mentioned below.

  1. Non-recurring type of commission doesn’t attract many affiliates. 
  1. Very low commission rates are also a deterrent as large volume sales need to be made to make a decent income. 
  1. Perhaps the biggest con of Wish is that it doesn’t have any sign-up page for affiliates. This makes it difficult to be discovered by interested affiliates. 
  1. The cookie life of just one day is not a window that is wide enough to turn leads into sales. 
  1. A long shipping period makes the customers wait till they get their purchase in hand. 
  1. It’s not easy for newbies to register as affiliates on the Impact platform for Wish affiliate marketing. Until you have proven and flowing traffic, Impact won’t approve your affiliate application easily. 

Final Words

The Wish affiliate program may not exactly be the most lucrative one in the market. Especially if you’re looking for a way to earn a passive income that amounts to more than a cent per purchase. 

However, as per the image below, Wish has garnered more than 5 million organic keywords and that’s not at all a bad performance. 

Moreover, their organic traffic is high at 12 million per month, indicating that affiliates do have the potential to make money through a high volume of sales. 

SEMRush metrics on Wish website metrics

If you can promote a couple of niches to the right target market, you can make the Wish affiliate program work for you. 

However, you can go through the related posts below to find many more attractive affiliate programs that are more rewarding. 


Is there a Wish referral program?

Yes, there is a Wish referral program. Your friends can get up to 80% off on their first buy if they use your referral code. And you will get $5 for your referral’s qualified purchase. For 20 referrals in a month, you can get a $100 reward. 

How can Wish offer products at such low prices?

Wish keeps the prices low by keeping the shipping period long, enabling direct communication between customers and Chinese manufacturers, and keeping branding and packaging to the bare minimum to save costs and pass the savings to the end-users.

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