Supplement Affiliate Programs to Grow Your Income in 2022 [Top 22]

Supplement Affiliate Programs

Looking for a venue to share your health and fitness expertise? Check out these supplement affiliate programs to promote wellness products while sharing category insights. 

Fitness supplement affiliate programs are here to stay. The biggest indication is the market size of the industry, which is slated to reach $306.8 billion by 2026. With a CAGR market growth of 9% per year, it makes a lot of sense to be associated with this industry in the capacity of an affiliate. 

This post covers the top-of-the-line affiliate programs in the health and fitness sector. Whether you are an expert in bodybuilding, weight management, clean eating, or vitamin and mineral supplements, you could grow your income as an affiliate. 

Be sure to read till the end of the post for the key information and insights!

22 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs For You 

To save you from all the trouble of searching for the top health and fitness affiliate programs, we have compiled a list for your convenience. Here you go! 

1. New Vitality

New Vitality home page

New Vitality has been around for 28 years and goes by the motto of helping people live better for longer and look better through its affordable group of supplements. 

The brand has supplements in the categories of men’s health, women’s health, vitamins, and superfoods.  

A wide range of products makes New Vitality a viable option for affiliates as there are many wellness supplements to promote. You can join one of the affiliate networks like FlexOffers or Pepperjam to promote New Vitality products.

Affiliate benefits for promoting New Vitality:

  • Commission rate: 10%.
  • Cookie life: 15 days.

2. FanFuel

FanFuel home page

This health supplement affiliate network gives you the chance to sign up with them and promote a wide variety of supplements. 

These products are available from multiple brands in the categories of weight loss, bodybuilding and fitness, and sexual health.

FanFuel promises the following benefits to their affiliates:

  • Commission rate: Up to 50% with a second-tier 10% rate for getting more affiliates. 
  • Recurring commissions on repeat customers. 
  • Payout timeline: Weekly.
  • Payout threshold: Zero.
  • First-click attribution to prevent lost sales. 

3. Seed

Seed home page

For the whole body plus gut health, Seed manufactures DS-01 Daily Synbiotic capsules from 24 probiotic strains after thorough research. 

This nutritional supplement has been engineered to withstand the effects of heat, moisture, enzymes, and acid. Therefore, you can target customers living in various climate conditions to increase your chances of sales. 

To become a Seed affiliate, you need to pass an exam so that you’re 100% sure of the correctness of the product information you’ll be passing on to potential customers. 

Seed affiliates can make full use of the below advantages:

  • Commission rate: 25% to 100%.
  • Cookie life: 30 days. 

4. Vitamin World

Vitamin World home page

Starting its journey way back in 1977, Vitamin World is a globally renowned one-stop shop for numerous health and wellness supplement brands including their own. 

With a wide range of product categories, you can choose one or more to focus on – herbs and holistic health, beauty and personal care, weight support, protein and fitness, digestion and superfoods, vitamins, and supplements. 

An average order value range of $65 to $125 is a good indication for affiliates to earn a significant income. Other perks include:

  • Commission rate: 8%.
  • Cookie life: 45 days. 

5. Persona

Persona home page

Persona offers several customer benefits that make it a commendable supplements affiliate program. 

The website offers a free assessment after which it plans the best dietary supplements suggested by dieticians for customers. What’s more, Persona delivers monthly supplement packs to their doorstep. 

Affiliates who are best performers are given bonuses and promos to keep up their good work. Other affiliate advantages include:

  • Commission rate: 25%
  • Cookie life: 30 days. 
  • Last-click attribution model. 

6. Stack Labs

Stack Labs home page

If you want to join one of the bodybuilding supplement affiliate programs, Stack Labs can be the answer. 

Targeted specifically at bodybuilders, Stack Labs offers supplements to build mass and strength, burn fat, retain lean mass, and improve an athlete’s performance. 

The brand promises results within 30 days and affiliates can use this hook to get leads and turn them into customers. Moreover, with a cookie duration that doesn’t expire, affiliates get a longer duration to push sales. 

The average order value of $112 gives a good scope for affiliate earning. Other details are:

  • Commission rate: 45%
  • Cookie life: Doesn’t end. 

7. HerbsPro

HerbsPro homepage

With over 50,000 fitness products stocked by HerbsPro, affiliate marketing couldn’t get easier. 

HerbsPro houses different brands under several categories – personal and beauty care, pet care, sports nutrition, vitamins, minerals, supplements, medical and ambulatory supplies, and others. 

Clearance sales and other promo offers make HerbsPro a viable affiliate option. An average order value of $70 is a lucrative option for those looking for a start. Other benefits include:

  • Commission rate: 10%.
  • Cookie life: 60 days. 

8. Health Trader

Health Trader home page

A premium fitness and health affiliate network, Health Trader claims to deal with only those brands with high conversion and a high-paying rate. 

Under Health Trader, affiliates have the option to promote a wide range of products to their customers like joint support, urinary tract supplements, immune system support, liver, thyroid, kidney, and many other supplements.

Health Trader has unique advertising resources and other tools to enable affiliates to do their best. 

  • Commission rate: Ranges between 15% and 60% depending on the supplement. 
  • Cookie life: Variable as per the offer. 

9. The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe home page

The Vitamin Shoppe hosts its affiliate program on the Commissions Junction network. 

As the name suggests, The Vitamin Shoppe houses multiple brands that provide supplemental solutions in the categories of healthy weight, superfoods and groceries, vitamins and supplements, natural beauty and skin, digestion, herbs and natural remedies, and protein and fitness. 

Numerous promo offers and a huge product portfolio make it easy for any level of an affiliate to sign up. You can increase your earnings by targeting to sell a larger volume of products. 

  • Commission rate: 10%.
  • Cookie life: 45 days. 

10. MarketHealth

MarketHealth showing a brand of eye cream

One of the best supplement affiliate programs is MarketHealth with its arsenal of over 200 health and beauty products. 

In operation for a decade, this affiliate network is present in over 100 countries with multiple brands, including its own. This platform ensures you can reach a wide target audience with various products and offers. 

Affiliates of MarketHealth have the following benefits:

  • Special commission rates of a minimum of 20 sales per day.
  • Recurring commissions. 
  • Payout threshold of only $20.
  • Multiple payment options. 
  • High conversion rates. 

11. home page appeals to more than just supplement affiliates as customers can shop for clothing and accessories related to health and fitness. 

Some of the top categories of products include vitamins and health, protein, pre-and post-workout supplements, and weight management. 

Seasonal, warehouse and other sales promos are all attractive offers for affiliates to pass on to customers to earn more commissions. 

Besides promoting the products in the online store, you are free to have customers sign up for Bodyfit fitness plan subscriptions. 

With 1.1 million unique daily visitors, you have the main ingredient to make the affiliate program work for you. 

Commission rates are performance-based and depend on the quality and amount of the sales. 

  • Commission rates: 8% on new customers and 3% on repeat customers. 
  • Payment timeline: 45 days. 
  • Payout threshold: $50.

12. A1 Supplements

A1 Supplements home page

Fast and hassle-free shopping at the lowest prices is the driving force behind A1 Supplements. 

The online store offers a huge variety of lifestyle and sports supplements and doesn’t stop at that. Their site also covers the latest articles on health and supplement facts and products.

With so many BOGO, promos, best price offers, and deals, plus the wide brand portfolio, affiliates can easily hook customers and grow their income. 

Product categories include diet and lifestyle, health and wellness, sports nutrition, vitamins, proteins, herbs, and accessories. 

CJ and ShareASale are the affiliate program hosts for A1 Supplements. Affiliate marketing from outside the USA is allowed. You can use hundreds of banners, product links, product images, and text links to maximize your chances of attracting customers. 

  • Commission rate: 10% on every order. 
  • Cookie life: 30 days. 

13. EZC Pak

EZC Pak homepage

EZC Pak has been designed to strengthen the natural immune system without the need for taking antibiotics mindlessly and increase antibiotics resistance. 

The product should be taken as a 5-day dose that tapers off while giving nutritional support to the immune system. The capsules are vegetarian and therefore, suits everyone. 

Moreover, the ingredients used to make this immune system supplement are of high quality. With the right formulation, EZC Pak aims to reduce side effects and encourage high tolerance. 

As this is not a mass appeal product, affiliates can focus on value-driven sales instead of volume targeting. Besides, the one-year cookie duration gives you ample time to convert leads to sales. 

The average order value stands at $55.69, creating the potential to earn almost $14 from every sale. 

  • Commission rate: 25%. 
  • A second-tiered commission rate of 5% for getting more affiliates to join the program. 
  • Cookie life: 1 year. 
  • Payment timeline: 30 days. 
  • Payout threshold: Zero. 

14. Organifi

Organifi home page

Organifi is a brand of health supplements targeted at five specific areas with five products. They are completely safe and natural. 

Instead of making vegetable blends and juices, these supplements combine superfoods to fulfill your daily nutritional needs without the hassle. 

Green Juice, Red Juice, Gold, Complete Protein, and Pure are packed with superfoods that help in weight loss, anti-aging, sleep and pain relief, digestion, and brain health. 

As an Organifi affiliate, you can create targeted communication that is more effective rather than reaching out to everyone with everything. You have to be registered on ClickBank to promote Organifi supplements. 

The company promises the following:

  • Commission rate: 50-75%.
  • Average earnings per customer: $100
  • Cookie life: 10 days. 

15. Life Extension

Life Extension home page

With 40 years in the business of health and wellness supplements, Life Extension helps reach wellness goals with science-based products proven to work. The result is a longer and healthier life. 

Customers can access doctors, nurses, and nutritionists as well as lab services on Life Extension.

The brand has potent products in various categories – personal and skin care, vitamins and supplements, and diet and lifestyle. As 98% of customers refer their products to others, conversion rate potential is high. 

The affiliate program is hosted by CJ and has the following attributes:

  • Commission rate: 8% – 12%.
  • Cookie life: 30 days. 
  • Payment timeline: 30 days. 

16. GNC

GNC homepage

Established in 1935, GNC is committed to producing high-quality and innovative solutions to fit the needs of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. 

This is why their product line is wide to cater to the various needs. To prevent customers from getting confused, GNC provides expert opinions to help choose the right products. 

Categories you can target are men’s health, women’s health, bone health, immune support, mental health, weight management, cardiovascular support, hair, skin and nails, brain and memory support, and energy support. 

BOGO and other promo offers make GNC a profitable niche for affiliates to target. Other benefits include:

  • Commission rate: 5%. 
  • Cookie life: 7 days. 

17. Onnit

Onnit homepage

Onnit acts as a catalyst to help customers reach their mental, physical, and spiritual health goals.

The brand manufactures and markets supplements based on extensive clinical research. These products use ingredients responsibly sourced from all over the world to give the best to the customers. 

The supplements from Onnit are designed to retain a close resemblance to the natural state of ingredients. 

A conscientious brand like Onnit should be easy to promote for all affiliates. Product categories you can target are daily support, mood and sleep, brain support, digestive health, essential supplements, performance, and goal-based formulas. 

Successful affiliates have the below benefits:

  • Commission rate: 15%
  • Trial sign-up commission: $10
  • Cookie life: 45 days. 

18. Amazon

Amazon Associates landing page

Amazon needs no introduction and is one of the top affiliate programs for fitness supplements among thousands of other products. 

It’s a good platform for affiliate marketing as millions of people from all over the world purchase from this e-commerce giant. 

If you’re launching your affiliate marketing career, try out Amazon and be sure to target a wide audience with a wide variety of health and wellness supplements as volume is the name of the game at Amazon. 

With a high conversion rate, you have the chance to earn a reasonable income. 

  • Commission rate: Up to 10%. 

19. Performance Lab

Performance Lab home page

Both daily performance and long-term health supplements form the basis of Performance Lab supplements. 

Products are varied and fall into the categories of energy support, mental health, sleep management, brain development, metabolic performance, overall health and vitality, flexibility support, gut health, vision health, men’s health, women’s health, immune support, and a wide sports range.  

The diverse product mix helps affiliates choose a niche that would be the easiest to promote. Other affiliate benefits are:

  • Commission rate: 40% – 50%. 
  • High reorder rates.
  • High EPC rate at $10.
  • Performance-based commissions.

20. Rootine

Rootine homepage

Rootine aims to improve cellular nutrition to impact the overall health and fitness of an individual. 

What sets it apart from other nutrition supplements is its level of customization. Rootine encourages customers to take a quiz and then based on the DNA, lifestyle, and blood tests, they create a micronutrient formula to improve cellular health. 

It believes that without tracking performance and results, taking supplements is of little use. That’s why it encourages users to use the customized dashboard to keep track of changes. 

Such a unique value provided by Rootine is a hook that affiliates can use to rope in customers. You should promote Rootine to get the below benefits:

  • Commission rate: $50 per sale. 
  • Payment threshold: $100.
  • Payment timeline: 30 days. 
  • Cookie life: 45 days. 

21. Tropical Oasis

Tropical Oasis home page

Tropical Oasis encourages to drink daily vitamin dosages in liquids, not pills. 

Its liquid formula promises better absorption, delicious flavors, high-quality and safe ingredients that are suitable for all ages. 

A comprehensive product range offers solutions for women, men, children, bone and joint health, heart health, beauty and skincare, and, energy support.

Being an affiliate, you can target a specific age group with tailored products to make the most of your expertise and convincing powers. 

An average order size of $100 is a motivation point to sell more and earn more. A snapshot of affiliate marketing benefits is below:

  • Commission rate: Up to 25%. 
  • Cookie life: 30 days. 
  • Return rate: Below 2%. 
  • Recurring commission throughout customer lifetime. 

22. SomaLife

SomaLife homepage

SomaLife has an exclusive patent for its supplements that contain 100% natural ingredients backed by scientific evidence for optimum health and wellness. 

Besides the natural ingredients, the supplements contain natural amino acids and are both gluten-free and vegan. Therefore, you can use these key selling points to target customers through affiliate marketing.

Choose from the main categories of Youth Formula, GHP Sport, IQ150, and New Formula G. Go a step further by promoting its supplements for pets under the SomaPet name. 

With a high reorder frequency and value, affiliates can earn top dollars promoting SomaLife supplements. Other benefits include:

  • Commission rate: Minimum 15%. 
  • Recurring commission throughout the customer life cycle.

You can find more affiliate programs here

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Supplement Affiliate Programs to Grow Your Regular Income

Supplements constitute a major part of the fitness industry and joining the best health and wellness affiliate programs can benefit you in the following ways:

  • A high number of available health supplements means you are not confined within target market boundaries but can earn from any niche. 
  • An average supplement affiliate program commission is around $20, which is a good amount. 
  • Many of the supplements affiliates offer long cookie duration, thereby giving you a bigger window of opportunity to bring in leads or sales. 
  • As supplements are not a one-purchase item, your chances of getting recurring commissions increase. 
  • Nutritional supplement affiliate programs have a healthy conversion rate so as an affiliate, you don’t need to do much convincing to your leads to become customers. 

How to Choose The Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

To choose the best supplement affiliate programs, choose the niche you are familiar with. 

Then, check the commission rate to gauge if it’s worth your while to promote the specific product. 

The cookie duration of the top supplement affiliate programs should be reasonable for you to increase your chances of conversion success. For example, a one-day cookie life gives you hardly any time to turn leads into a purchase. 

If possible, check the average order value of the supplement companies with affiliate programs. The higher the average order value is, the higher the net commission, and the more you can earn. 

Another way to assess your potential income is to check the earnings per click figure. Choose those fitness supplement affiliate programs that offer a higher EPC. 

Final Words

Health and wellness products should be promoted with caution. Before signing up with supplement affiliate programs, be 100% sure the product you are going to promote is tried and tested. 

As there are medical and health implications in this category, it’s a sensitive one that you should tread on carefully. 

If you’re a fitness pro and have experience in a range of supplements, it’s an easy step for you to get into affiliate marketing and earn a sizeable income.

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