The Ultimate Guide on Schema Markup in 2022


Imagine you’re an office secretary where your job is to arrange a bunch of files in the cabinets. The file covers are so dull and typical with no detailed information, meaning that you have to read all of them before you put them in the right cabinet. Sounds tiring, right? What if there were some … Read more

SEO Benefits of a Google My Business Page


Every day, billions and billions of people search into Google for different types of information, starting from a query about local pizza shops to the latest fashion trends and even home repair tips. As a business owner, whether big or small, you definitely want to become more visible to people who are searching for products … Read more

Do-Follow Vs. No-Follow Link: Why Should You Care About It

Do-Follow Vs. No-Follow Link

Whenever someone talks about search engine optimization (SEO), some of the words that pop into our minds are the title tag, keywords, meta descriptions, do-follow links, no-follow links, among others.  However, if you’re new to SEO, chances that you are overwhelmed by most of these terms, particularly the debate on do-follow vs. no-follow link. While … Read more


The Ultimate Link-Building Guidebook: 2022 Core Updates & Beyond

Link building guide

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