55+ Top Paying Affiliate Programs for a Knockout Revenue Stream [the Ultimate List 2022]

Need some passive income in this pandemic? Check out the top paying affiliate programs you can join today!

Top Paying Affiliate Programs

The pandemic has cost plenty of jobs in the last two years and people are looking for ways to make a living. 

One way to do that is through affiliate marketing programs that pay well. You can flex your knowledge and expertise in your area and make a neat earning every month through your website, social media pages, or vendor websites.

With thousands of referral programs doing the rounds in the www, how do you know which are the top paying affiliate programs?

To take the work out from your quest, we present to you on a silver platter the top 55+ programs that pay their affiliates well. Read on to see where you fit. 

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Types of Affiliate Programs

Bloggers and Influencers. 

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The different types of affiliate programs are:

influencer and bloggers dictate the direction of trends and have a huge number of followers. Therefore, they can increase the traffic to the merchant site, reach new audiences for the merchant, and move the sales needle. 

These affiliates get handsome sales commissions from the top paying affiliate programs when products get sold through their social media page or blog.  

Search Affiliates. 


Search affiliates fund advertising campaigns for retailers on search engines, Facebook, and other platforms. 

These search affiliates are entrepreneurs or freelancers who are experts in targeting long-tail keywords, setting the bidding budget, and optimizing it. 

What’s the benefit?

The PPC campaigns run by the search affiliates rake in a higher ROI for themselves while ensuring that the retailer page gets more traffic and sales. 

Email Marketing. 

email marketing example

This involves partnering with an email service provider to send out bulk emails with a commercial message to the target audience. 

So, how do you build an email list?

Instead of buying or renting email lists that reek of spam, use an email software or vendor like Mailchimp

Add a sign-up form on your website so that subscribers can grant permission to receive emails from you. 

Review Site Marketing.

review site affiliate example

For all kinds of products, there are review sites like Yelp, Amazon, etc. 

Customers rely on reviews for all products and services. 

That’s why if you build a website relevant to your niche, you can write loads of reviews.

Merchants would willingly send you samples to try and write reviews about. If your reviews drive traffic and business for the merchant, bull’s eye! 

Coupon Site Affiliates. 

Coupon Site Affiliates

To maximize the use of affiliate networks, add coupon sites to the basket of your marketing strategy. 

Why? Because coupons are an attractive ticket to get discounts. 

As a retailer, you can approach a bunch of coupon sites to cast your net wider. 

If you offer a good discount, the coupon site will promote it so that if it’s redeemed, you get sales and they get a percentage of it. 

55+ Top Paying Affiliate Programs List 

Now that you know the types of affiliate programs, let’s dive right into the top-paying ones. 

1. Elementor

Top Paying Affiliate Programs

Elementor is a full-service web designing outfit trusted by more than 8 million professionals who build websites without coding. 

The 30+ templates and 90+ widgets help to build responsive and customized websites. Its drag and drop live editor makes website building hassle-free and fun. 

With five different plans starting from $49 and going up to $999, Elementor makes it easy for affiliates to target a specific audience with each plan. 

A 50% commission per sale with a 30-day timeline after purchase completion and a possibility to earn at least $10k a month definitely makes it worth your while. 

2. Sendinblue

sendinblue facts and figures for affiliates

Sendinblue has the digital tools for online sales and marketing to create and execute targeted communication for 175,000 users in 160 countries. 

With its sharp focus on customers, sendinbue helps craft messages and designs for email, SMS, and chats. It doesn’t cost a cent to get started. 

They offer affiliate programs for bloggers and publishers, agencies and consultants, and VCs and incubators. 

For getting sign-ups, bloggers can get a 5 Euro commission. If that turns into a subscription, you get an additional Euro 100. 

The cookie duration of 90 days is a reasonable time for affiliates to drive lead conversion and increase the chances of earning more. 

3. HubSpot

HubSpot showing its global customer

HubSpot provides sales, marketing, and services software that enables businesses to achieve sustainable growth. 

It offers 113,000+ customers in 120+ countries five different CRM platforms – Sales, Marketing, Service, CMS, and Operations. 

Such a wide array of services is an opportunity for affiliates as they get more flexibility and can choose the niche they are most comfortable with. 

The HubSpot affiliate program can get you a 15% recurring commission on annual subscriptions for up to one year. Or you can opt for a one-time flat 100% payout on your first month’s revenue. 

The 90-day cookie life is a generous time to capture leads and sales. 

4. Pabbly

Pabbly Affiliate program

One Pabbly package can get any sales and marketing business sorted with its email marketing, subscription billing, form builder for generating leads, email verification, and Pabbly Connect to integrate multiple software. 

1,000+ customers worldwide can vouch for their product. 

Packages from $15 to $1,500 give more flexibility to affiliates. 

Plus, the discounts for longer-term subscriptions are another point that affiliates can leverage to log in higher sales. Get a 30% recurring commission on every sale as long as the customer sticks to Pabbly. 

You get the commission every 30 days. Standard cookie duration of 30 days applies.

5. AWeber

AWeber affiliate program

Automation is the name of the game in this super-fast digital era. AWeber makes it possible with a plethora of services that include email marketing, landing page builder, web push notifications, e-commerce, auto-newsletters, sales tracking, and more. 

With pricing packages for standard and high-volume users, AWeber is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. 

A 30% recurring commission for the lifetime of the subscription is an attractive offer. 

Getting only five referrals to sign up for a $19.99 per month subscription can get you a neat $360 per year. You also get the whole marketing arsenal to help you succeed. 

6. SEMRush

SEMRush program

SEMRush is the top-of-mind name when it comes to search marketing. 

It offers SEO, Advertising, Market Research, Content, and SMM, and SERM tools. From inception to execution and tracking, SEMRush has it all. 

The pricing plans are Pro, Guru, and Business – $119.95, $229.95, and $449.95 per month respectively. 

For affiliates, it becomes a breeze to convince customers when there are different packages for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large enterprises. 

Earn $0.01 for every new registration, $10 for each new trial, and $200 for each new subscription. Besides content publishers, others who can join this top paying affiliate program include course creators, marketers, marketing agencies, and search specialists.

7. ConvertKit

ConvertKit affiliate program

ConvertKit focuses on creators like authors, musicians, artists, etc. so that they can reach more people with their latest projects. 

From email marketing to landing page designing to managing subscriptions, it holds the hand of all creators all the way. 

404,629+ creators have successfully reached 253 million fans through ConvertKit. 

For an affiliate, ConvertKit offers a 30% recurring commission for every creator who signs up. Your account will be credited every month as long as the creator has an active account. 

With three packages – $0, $29, and $59 per month – you can tailor your communication to fit the audience’s needs.

8. GetResponse

GetResponse Affiliate Program

A marketing automation tool that helps businesses create websites, execute email marketing campaigns, design landing pages, manage live chats, push web notifications, etc. 

100,000+ entrepreneurs, online marketers, marketing managers, and enterprises use GetResponse to grow their leads and sales. 

Four plans start from $10.50 per month and go up to $69.30. GetResponse also allows customization that enables affiliates to earn more.

You can choose either the Bounty or the Recurring affiliate commission. Bounty gives you $100 on every new sale. You can get a 33% recurring commission during the lifetime of the subscription.

A very generous 120-day cookie life gives you more time to convert leads to sales. 

9. Fiverr

Fiverr website


From designing logos to websites, Fiverr is one of the leading technology affiliate programs.

It offers a host of services from freelancers that include digital marketing, writing and translation, music and audio, video animation, data, programming, etc. 

The affiliate commissions differ according to the Fiverr products being promoted.

You can earn $15 – 150 cost per acquisition depending on the Fiverr product your referral purchases. 

If you’re more adventurous, pick the hybrid commission plan of $10 CPA + 10% revenue share.

The wide range of products and services and the different commission slabs make Fiverr one of the best affiliate programs for both beginners and experienced associates. 

10. Leadpages

Leadpages commission slabs for affiliates

Create landing pages, websites, pop-ups, etc. in a snap with Leadpages. 

It’s a great tool for 40,000+ entrepreneurs to reach their audience, get leads, and convert them. 

Affiliates can offer three packages to their referrals – Standard @ $27/month, Pro @ $59 per month, and Advanced @ $239 per month. 

The affiliate commission slabs of Leadpages are 

  • 10% commission on $0 – $49.99 for each new sale 
  • 40% on $50 – $2,999.99
  • 50% on sales on $3,000 and above. 

You will continue to get a recurring commission as long as your referrals remain Leadpages customers. 

A 30-day cookie window with last-click attribution applies.

11. Target

Target Partner Program

At Target, you can buy everything under the sun by paying less and getting more. 

Take advantage of clothing affiliate programs as the store gives customers the best seasonal deals on clothes, accessories, household items, foods, furniture, etc. 

Over 1 million products are a plus for any affiliate. The Partners Program rewards up to 8% commission. So, the more referrals you get, the higher your earnings. 

12. WP Engine

WP Engine Affiliate Program

Trusted by 1.2 million websites in 150 countries, WP Engine is a secured hosting solution. 

Affiliates can fit in their referrals in these plans – $25/month, $49/month, $95/month, and $241/month. 

Get $200 or 100% one-time payment on each sale of WP Engine and Genesis Pro within the first month. 

On StudioPress Theme sales, get a 35% commission and take advantage of the highest paying web hosting affiliate program. 

Customized promotions, discounts, and a cookie duration of 180 days for WP Engine and 60 days for StudioPress Theme sales are the top affiliate features. 

5, 10, 25, 40, and 60 referrals per month can earn you a maximum bonus of $1,500 on your basic commission. 

13. eBay

eBay boasts of 183 million buyers from 190 markets, 80% new items, 1.4 billion listings, and 90% “Buy it now” items. 

Affiliates have a bottomless bucket of goods to promote from eBay. 

For each qualified sale, you will get a one-time payment according to the category and the commission rate as shown in the table below. 

A rate card of eBay

If your referral bids on an auction within a day of clicking the affiliate link and wins the bid within 10 days, this qualifies as a valid transaction. 

The cookie duration is 24 hours. 

14. Kinsta

Kinsta Affiliate Program

Combining cutting-edge technology and 24/7 support, Kinsta offers web hosting services for entrepreneurs and enterprises. 

Ten different plans are there to make it easy for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to pick one that fits their needs.

Starting from $30 per month and going up to $1,500 per month, these flexible packages make the job of affiliates more convenient. Enterprises can have customized packages with a tailored pricing plan.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $500 on each sale plus a 10% commission throughout the lifetime of the customer subscription, making it one of the top-paying web hosting affiliate programs. 

The cookie duration is 60 days. 

15. Amazon 


A household name, Amazon is the largest marketplace housing books, household goods, beauty products, clothes, jewelry, shoes, digital devices, and a zillion other items. 

An endless flurry of deals makes shopping on Amazon a true delight. That’s why affiliates of Amazon don’t have to face a lot of struggle to convince referrals to sign up and buy. 

Amazon offers customized tools for linking to individual bloggers, social influencers, and large publishers. 

A maximum of 10% commission rate applies for sign-ups on free trial programs and qualified purchases. Commission rates vary according to the product category. 

16. Flywheel

Flywheel affiliate program

Flywheel helps manage multiple websites, e-commerce sites, and seamless collaboration among clients and colleagues under one platform. 

Optimized for WordPress, Flywheel ensures free security certificates, site speed, hacker-free security, development tools, and many other features. 

350,000 agencies and brands park their business with Flywheel. 

The four pricing plans of Tiny at $13/month, Starter at $25/month, Freelance at $96/month, and Agency at $242/month have been designed to suit different sizes of organizations. 

Affiliates can also offer a custom-built plan to their referrals to get more success. You can earn up to $500 per referral and selling more products will increase your chances of touching the $500 mark.  

17. Wix

affiliate program commission of Wix

Whether it’s a blog site, an online store, or a website, Wix offers 500+ design templates. They also provide free web hosting, scheduling software, SEO tools, etc. to keep your business up and running. 

200 million users worldwide have chosen Wix as their go-to website and e-commerce platform builder. 

Affiliates can make better communication to a targeted audience using the four website pricing plans of Wix ranging from $8.50 to $24.50/month. 

The business and e-commerce plans have three tiers – $17, $25, and $35 per month. 

A $100 affiliate payout for every referral who makes a purchase makes it one of the top paying affiliate programs. 

18. Bluehost

Bluehost affiliate program

One of the most popular web hosting sites, Bluehost is no stranger to most bloggers, e-commerce sites, and online store owners. 

WordPress integration is the main plus point of Bluehost along with flexible design templates, multiple plug-in options, and all the tools needed to grow and sustain a business. 

Bluehost offers three pricing plans – $3.95/month for shared hosting, $9.95/month for managed WordPress, and $12.95/month for online stores. 

Affiliate commission is straightforward – $65 per hosting purchase. Earn more by referring more. 

19. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks affiliate program

GreenGeeks is at the frontline of eco-friendly web hosting services by returning 3 times the power consumed in the form of renewable energy.  

Customers from more than 150 countries depend on GreenGeeks for WordPress hosting, e-commerce sites, virtual private servers, and reseller web hosting. 

WordPress hosting and e-commerce sites comprise three packages ranging from $2.49 to $8.95/month. 

For reseller hosting, an affiliate can offer their referrals three plans – $19.95, $24.95, and $43.95/month. 

Virtual private servers come at three levels – 2GB @ $39.95/month, 4GB @ $59.95/month, and 8GB @ $109.95/month. 

A commission of up to $100 /referral is offered to affiliates with a payout time of 30 days. 

20. Hostgator

Hostgator affiliate commission

Hostgator offers a free domain name for a year along with web hosting services. Choose from dedicated or shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress integration, and website building products. 

They currently host 2 million+ websites. 

Shared web hosting packages cost $2.75/month, $3.50/month, and $5.25/month. 

Three website builder packages are available as well as different packages for WordPress hosting. With so many pricing options, affiliates can convince referrals to sign up for one or more products. 

Affiliates can earn as per the commission slabs:

  • $65 on 1- 5 signups
  • $75 on 6 – 10 signups
  • $100 on 11-20 signups
  • $125 on 21 and above signups.  

The payout timeline is 70 days. 

21. Volusion

Volusion Affiliate Program

From designing storefronts to setting up shop and growing it, Volusion is a one-stop solution for any online store. 

Its e-commerce software is used by 180,000 entrepreneurs to create coding-free websites. Stunning designs and responsive themes join together to create unique online stores. 

With multiple apps integration, owners can run their store from Volusion with zero hassle and guaranteed sales growth. 

Three monthly packages – $29/month, $79/month, and $299/month – are packed with features. Affiliates can use these to convince referrals to convert from leads to sales. 

Earn a whopping 200% commission on each sale. 

22. Unbounce

Unbounce affiliate program

Unbounce uses AI insights to drive conversions from websites so that users can focus on conversion management. 

Over 15,000 brands believe in Unbounce to create a landing page that can be monetized. That’s why it has clocked more than 1.5 billion conversions to date. 

With the Unbounce affiliate program, you can earn a 20% recurring commission on each sale and continue to receive it as long as the customer is with Unbounce. 

A hook to keep your customers for the long haul is that they get 20% off for the first three months if referred by you. 

23. 3dcart

Shift4Shop  affiliate reward program

3dcart provides a single platform for online stores to design a feature-packed store using mobile-friendly themes, use SEO tools for organic reach, and manage products and orders at the touch of a finger. 

There are four plans that affiliates can offer to their referrals: end-to-end e-commerce that costs $0/month for US customers only; Basic Store plan for $25/month; Plus Store plan for $75/month; and Pro Store plan for $225/month. 

For every signup on any plan, an affiliate is rewarded a one-time payment of up to $100. A cookie life of 120 days gives you loads of time to turn leads into customers. 

24. Typeform

Typeform affiliate program

Typeform creates forms that are like conversations with real humans. They are engaging and elicits meaningful responses.

With attractive design templates, custom layouts, and a library of high-quality images, forms made with Typeform don’t feel like forms. 

Affiliates can offer three plans from Typeform – Basic for $25/month, Plus for $50/month, and Business for $83/month. 

Content creators, course instructors, and consultants are eligible to join the affiliate program of Typeform – Partnerstack. You can earn a 20% commission on each referral plus additional commission during the subscription lifetime of the customer.  

The payout timeline is 30 days.

25. Shopify

Shopify affiliate program

1.7 million businesses in 175 countries use Shopify to conduct e-commerce from a single platform. 

Referrals can try a 14-day free period. They can continue with any of the three plans – $29 to $79, and $299 per month. 

For every referral, affiliates earn a one-time commission. 

The cookie life is 30 days within which the referral should sign up for trial use. Commissions are granted after the referral signs up for one of the Shopify plans. 

The payout threshold is $25 and the payout period is five business days after the 15th or the last day of the month. It depends on when the affiliate account got credited. 

26. Kajabi

Kajabi affiliate program

With Kajabi, it’s possible to share knowledge systematically via podcasts, communities, online courses, coaching, newsletters, etc. 

Just one dashboard to manage a website, community, products, and marketing.

A basic plan for $119/month, a Growth plan for $159/month, and a Pro plan for $319/month are offered. 

A 30% lifetime commission for each new referral is an attractive offer. Bring in more referrals to dial up your passive earnings. 

The marketing collaterals and resources from Kajabi ensure affiliates have better success at collecting leads and lead conversions. 

27. BigCommerce

BigCommerce Affiliate Program

Boasting multi-currency support and smooth commerce integrations, BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform packed with useful features. 

It also offers design tools to create attractive online stores, user-friendly and secure operations, and ultra-fast shopping experiences. 

A 15-day trial period is on offer after which affiliates can convince referrals to pick one of the three packages – Standard @ $29.95, Plus @ $79.95, and Pro @ $299.95 per month. Custom packaging is also possible for enterprises. 

It’s a top paying affiliate program that offers affiliates a choice between a 200% commission of the referral’s first monthly payment or $1500 for each Enterprise referral. 

28. Coursera


In partnership with top 200 universities, Coursera offers numerous online learning opportunities through courses, degree programs, and certificate programs. 

A combination of free and paid courses are available and a humongous 77+ million people are leveraging this opportunity all over the world. 

Coursera offers plans for small organizations and teams at $399/user/year. For large enterprises, plans are tailor-made. 

With over 4,000 courses to choose from, affiliates can make between 10% to 45% one-time commission on qualified purchases. You can also earn a bonus for consistent and strong performance. 

The cookie duration is 30 days.

29. Teachable

Teachable affiliate program

Teachable is another knowledge-sharing platform with coaching and online courses. 100,000+ creators have joined Teachable. 

Affiliates of this program won’t have a difficult time convincing referrals to choose the right course.

Signing up is free although customers can get access to more tools if they buy monthly plans. The basic package is $39 per month, while the Pro plan comes at $119/month and the Business package for $299/month. 

On every referral, a 30% recurring commission is paid during the customer lifetime. 

Bonus tiers are applicable for each month and meeting the target will add up to 50% commission for that month only. 

The cookie window is 90 days and the payout period is 30 days.

30. Constant Contact

Constant Connect affiliate program

One place to manage e-commerce, email marketing, websites, and social media marketing, Constant Contact offers all the tools of communication and marketing. 

An AI-led website builder helps to create responsive websites without any need for prior technical knowledge. 

Get your referrals to choose from either a basic plan starting at $20 per month or opt for the Email Plus package starting from $45 per month. The exact price will depend on the number of email contacts. 

For every trial signup, get $5 and a one-time payout of $105 if that trial turns into a purchase. 

31. Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer is an online marketplace that serves only the US and Canada markets. 

Hammacher Schlemmer catalogs a wide variety of products including toys, personal care, electronics, shoes and apparel, outdoor and household products, and much more. 

Affiliates of their program need not worry as there is no dearth of products to be promoted to referrals. They can either share a link or add Hammacher Schlemmer products to their online store. 

On the sale of each physical product, the affiliate can earn an 8% commission per sale. 

The cookie life is the standard 30 days.

32. Invoice Ninja

Ninja affiliate program

The trickiest part of any business is raising invoices. Invoice Ninja makes invoicing a matter of minutes for its 180,000+ users. 

Client invoicing, auto-billing, managing online payments, raising quotations, tracking expenses, generating reports, time-tracking work, and streamlining work processes are all in a day’s work for Invoice Ninja. 

Choose the forever free plan at $0 a month or go for either the Ninja Pro Plan for $10 a month or the Enterprise plan for $14 a month. 

Get a 50% affiliate reward when referrals buy the Enterprise or Pro plan. And that’s a recurring commission for four years, making your passive income go through the roof!

33. Spocket

Spocket affiliate program

Without handling the goods, Spocket allows sellers to dropship by getting vendors to deliver directly to the customers.

Therefore, customers can buy products from all over the world through Spocket.  

Spocket gets original US and EU products from more than 60,000 dropshipping suppliers, thereby diversifying their product basket and giving more choices to consumers. 

This itself works positively for affiliates who can offer varied products to their referrals. For every sale, you can earn a recurring commission of up to 30%. This will last as long as the subscription does. 

You can take the monthly challenges to earn extra. The payment timeline is 30 days. 

34. Sage Financials


Business operations have become more efficient with Sage Financials as they streamline HR, financial, accounting, budgeting, and planning functions with AI-powered solutions. 

They have a 3-million strong customer base in 23 countries. 

Sage Financials offers a diverse product range aimed at the construction and real estate industry as well as small and medium organizations. 

Successful affiliates of Sage Financial products are those who can make qualified sales within a 30-day cookie life. A free trial can earn you $5 while you can earn a 7% commission when your referral becomes a customer. 

With multi-currency facilities, you can operate as an affiliate from any part of the world. 

35. Kabbage

Kabbage Affiliate Program webpage

 Kabbage offers financial solutions and tools to small businesses through its app. It’s a super-convenient and ultra-fast way of processing funding, invoicing, and cash flow.

Since it’s an American Express company, customers rely on their experience and expertise in the financial sector. 

More than 200 customers of Kabbage are already working as affiliates. For every qualified referral, the affiliate earns a commission. On top of that, they get a percentage of the loan amount of the referral. 

A credit line window between $1,000 and $150,000 gives affiliates the leeway to offer any amount within the range and get as many referrals as possible. 

36. Murad


79 types of products for 5 different skin types by Murad promise not only to take care of the skin but also to make the customer’s life happier. 

Customers can choose from toners, moisturizers, masks, cleansers, exfoliators, and specialized treatments. 

Murad is one of the top-paying health and wellness affiliate programs that offer a 6.4% commission on every qualified sale. 

The last-click attribution model is followed. A cookie life of 30 days applies. 

Affiliates cannot link directly to the Murad site but are allowed to link only on coupon and voucher sites. 

37. Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits Affiliate Program

Created for investors, Capitalist Exploits offers expert insights and opinions for low-risk/high-reward investment opportunities. 

Led by contributors with formidable experience in investment and finance, the newsletters of Capitalist Exploits are well-researched. They provide the right analyses and commentary to make smart investments. 

Affiliates can earn 50% commissions amounting to between $788 and $1,750 on every sale of either of the two products. 

A global appeal has garnered a subscriber base in 53 countries. With a 9.4 out of 10 Trustpilot rating, affiliates who have contacts with HNIs won’t have a tough job selling Capitalist Exploits subscriptions. 

38. Yves Rocher


With global demand for natural ingredients in the beauty industry, Yves Rocher has successfully carved its niche in marketing botanical beauty products in 90 countries, 4,000 stores, and 45 websites. 

Offers on body care, bath and shower products, skincare products, fragrances, and makeup enable customers to avail of great deals. 

Affiliates from Canada and the US are eligible to apply for the program. Each qualified sales can earn you a flat 15% commission. With a cookie duration of 30 days, you can offer the products on sale and earn more.

With every purchase, customers get a gift from Yves Rocher, therefore the job of affiliates becomes easier. 

39. Sandals Resorts


Sandals Resorts offer the ultimate 5-star luxury beach vacation amid the Caribbean white sands, blue ocean, and azure skies.

With 16 top beach resorts in Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Grenada, Curacao, and Antigua, Sandals Resorts have all the amenities to host destination weddings and unique honeymoon packages. 

Prices start at $216 per person per night. For affiliates, there is a minimum 4% commission on any travel product for each referral. On top, free trips and performance bonuses make the affiliate program even more attractive. 

Earnings per click on the affiliate link is $137.99 for 3 months. The cookie window is 60 days.

40. Scentbird


A monthly subscription for $15.95 on Scentbird gives you access to 500+ fragrances every month. 

Take the quiz to find out the recommended fragrances and choose from an infinite range of exotic perfumes. Customers also get a free sample of their choice before they make a final decision.

All the top names in the fragrances industry are sold on Scentbird – Versace, Cartier, D&G, etc. Such a variety of feminine and masculine perfumes is sure to help affiliates convert leads to sales. 

Sales commission is $14 per sale and the cookie window is 45 days. 

41. Momondo


Momondo is a website that offers trip plans, cheap flight deals, car rentals, and hotel bookings to travelers. 

As part of Booking Holdings Inc, the leading travel and related services online, Momondo has access to 2 million+ properties, all the top carriers, tour operators, etc. 

The Momondo affiliate program already has more than 15,000 partners. Being one of the high-paying affiliate programs, earn a 50% commission from Momondo on bookings, clicks, and revenues from advertising. 

This commission rate applies to vacation packages, flights, stays, and car rentals. 

42. BH Cosmetics


With the makeup industry always on a high, BH Cosmetics can turn things a notch higher. 

Year-round sales, the latest on the makeup front, cruelty-free formulas, vegan, and clean options are what make BH Cosmetics so popular. 

The affordable choices of brush sets and makeup for the eyes, face, lips are accessible by all. 

No wonder the brand has a 4.75% conversion rate. And that’s great news for affiliates. 

A 90-day cookie life and a 6% commission on all sales from the websites of beauty influencers and trend-setters are attractive offers. 

43. Cheapflights


Those bit by the travel bug can visit top destinations at the lowest airfares. With 300 partners, Cheapflights gets the best deals on all domestic and international flights. 

Customers can have massive savings when they get Cheapflights to manage their cruises, vacation packages, accommodation, and more. 

With insider information and cool travel tips, they offer you more value for money. 

Cheapflights affiliate program is on the Kayak site. For every qualified referral, the affiliate commission is 50%. The same rate applies to clicks and ad revenues. 

44. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor webpage

Tripadvisor is a single online platform where one can book air tickets, accommodation, travel packages, etc. 

What’s more, the site compares and reviews restaurants, hotels, BnBs, and offers off-the-beaten-track travel tips. 

The site of Tripadvisor contains 795 million reviews and offers insights into 1.4 million accommodation. 

Affiliates can earn a minimum of 50% commission when customers book rooms in partner hotels. A 14-day cookie window can be leveraged by the affiliates. 

There are commission slabs as per the number of clicks sent to the Tripadvisor site: $60/month for 170 clicks, $1,720/month for 6,100 clicks, and $550/month for 870 clicks. 

45. Boatbookings

Boatbookings affiliate program

For chartered yachts, Boatbookings is specialized to give the best deals.

They operate in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA and the Bahamas, South Pacific, Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean, and others. 

Affiliates who drive customers to Boatbookings receive a base rate of 20% commission of the net charter value commission that Boatbookings gets. 

For repeat customers, you will receive an additional 10% commission. Even when customers come back without an affiliate link although they did click the link in the past, affiliates still get a 10% commission for having introduced the customer. 

The cookie life is 30 days. 

46. Zygor


Zygor guides are on-screen and convenient gaming guides with a 3D arrow to help users find their way around mazes and jungles. They use auto-detection to streamline your gaming experience. 

It’s also one of the top-paying gaming affiliate programs as it rewards affiliates with a stunning 50% commission on every qualified sale. 

Earn a recurring commission of up to $42.99 per referral per month on one of the subscriptions. 

The basic plan is free while the Zygor Elite plan comes at $9.99/month or $99.99/year. The latter gives you full access to all the Retail and Classic World of Warcraft guides, upcoming content, extensions, etc. 

47. Prjewel


Sterling silver and gold-plated earrings, necklaces, rings, chains, and bracelets at wholesale prices are the main offers at Prjewel. 

The unbelievable slash on many products means affiliates can convince referrals to take advantage of the sale. 

The affiliate commission is a great offer at 20% on every sale. As Prjewel already enjoys a high customer conversion rate, it’s yet another reason to join a jewelry affiliate program

The 30-day cookie duration and the monthly payment policy make it a good catch for affiliates. 

48. Costco


Costco is one of the largest wholesale stores in the US where only members can shop. 

Costco houses more than 4,000 items and serves 105.5 million members. 

Their affiliate program is handled by one of the affiliate networks – Commission Junction. There’s a flat commission rate – you earn $6 per Executive member subscription and $3 for every Gold Star membership purchase. 

The payout timeline is 30 days. The payout threshold is $50 but if you want to be paid with a check, the threshold is raised to $100. 

There’s no cookie life as it’s not counted when your referral closes the browser.

If you want to know if the Costco affiliate program is worthwhile, check this link

49. Alpyn Beauty


Wild plants and Alpine botanicals form the main ingredients of this beauty brand that markets only plant-based skincare solutions. 

The sustainable and eco-friendly platform of Alpyn Beauty appeal to a wide circle of conscientious customers. 

Moisturizers, masks, cleansers, serums, etc are on the shopping menu. For each referral, affiliates get a flat 20% commission. The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. 

Check out more beauty affiliate programs if you’re a leading beauty and fashion influencer in your community. 

50. ForeclosureSearch.ca


 Canadian residents can search for foreclosed properties, auctions on homes, etc from ForeclosureSearch.ca. This website shows all the hidden gems in the real estate industry that no other site does. 

It also offers an outstanding affiliate recurring commission rate of 75%.  

You can get an extra 10% commission on 50 signups in one month. Turn up the commission game with a 20% rate on 100 new signups in a month. 

With a payout period of 14 days, this is one of the top paying affiliate programs. You can look for more real estate affiliate programs if you’re not based in Canada. 

51. The Ayurveda Experience 


The Ayurveda Experience uses centuries-old herbal that are great for the skin and mental wellness. 

Moisturizers, serums, eye butter, essential oils, lip balms, masks, etc. are available for different skin types and ages. 

Such a wide and deep product portfolio from The Ayurveda Experience for both men and women makes it a good choice for affiliates. Especially when the customer base is 400,000+.

Besides physical products, you have the choice of offering courses, videos, and blogs to referrals. 

You can earn a minimum of 15% with room to grow it to 25% commission on every sale. 

The cookie duration is 60 days. 

52. Allianz Travel Insurance


To avoid losses from last-minute cancellations and other incidents, Allianz Travel Insurance offers its travel insurance plans. 

A 21-million strong customer base and ten different plans make Allianz a formidable player in the travel insurance industry. 

As part of their affiliate program, you can earn up to 12% commission on each qualified sale on the tiered structure. 

Allianz Travel Insurance extends all marketing support to affiliates. Besides, a 30-day payment timeline is an attractive aspect of this affiliate program.

Check out this link for more on insurance affiliate programs.

53. E*trade 


E*trade provides smart online trading facilities for retail investors. Customers don’t need a broker to conduct investments on their behalf, therefore saving money. 

Besides investments, customers can manage their finances better with E*trade by making savings and retirement plans.

Four price plans are there starting from $0 to $1.50. 

Their affiliate program is attractive as each qualified referral is rewarded with a $50 Amazon.com gift card. 

Get a full review of the E*trade affiliate program here.  

54. Workout Anywhere


Work Out Anywhere is an online platform aimed at those who want to live a healthy life. 

Customers get tailored daily training lessons, meal plans, workout videos, and lots of other tools. 

Work Out Anywhere has a customer base of 3,000+. As their affiliate, you can offer your referrals flexible plans at all fitness levels. 

You can earn a 30% commission on app subscriptions and 50% on meal plans and eBook training materials. 

Your referrals can choose the main plan at $9/month or Upsell at $97/month or Downsell at $15/month. 

Check this for more health and wellness affiliate programs

55. Betterment 

With just one tap, it’s possible to make the best investments from your mobile phone. 

Thanks to the Betterment app, you have the tools and the advice to plunge into investments without the fear of loss. 

650,000+ customers have trusted Betterment with their money. The assets they manage are worth an astonishing $30 billion. 

When you refer your friends and family to Betterment, they get personalized services and solutions to meet their financial goals. 

Varied pricing plans start from $0 and go up to $2.50/year for every $1,000 and $400/year for every $100,000. 

For a complete lowdown on the Betterment affiliate program, click this link

56. SoFi

SoFi affiliate program

SoFi is the one-stop financial solution that helps with loans, investments, credit cards, insurance, budgeting, etc. 

$500 cash bonus on minimum loan amounts, $200 cosignatory bonus on student loans, and other lucrative deals have made Sofi a popular choice among a staggering 2 million+ members. 

It’s one of the pay per lead affiliate programs that offers a $10 commission on each successful referral. 

When your referrals join a borrowing, investing, or saving plan, both them and you are rewarded with $10 each. 

A complete review of the SoFi affiliate program is available. 

12 Best Practices of Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Affiliate marketing has changed in some respects and you should follow these best practices if you want to have a successful affiliate marketing career in 2022.

1.  Research Affiliate Products Thoroughly.

Before signing up, give a thorough read of the affiliate products.

Check which products have the highest potential to bring in the maximum ROI. For example, look at which products can bring you both a first-time commission percentage plus a year-long recurring commission.

Target the more expensive products in the portfolio so that you get a higher sales percentage.

Also, give the marketing materials a read-through. Check if you can create your ad and conduct A/B testing to pinpoint the more effective ad.

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2.  Follow the Policy of Truth.

Be honest with the affiliate and make your intentions clear. Be sure that what your affiliates have is exactly what the customers need.

Know your target audience well and what they need. Promote only those products and services that you have used, liked, and that fit your audience’s needs.

As you are the connection between the merchant and the customer, any deception to either party will cut short your affiliate marketing career.

3.  Follow the Portfolio Diversification Strategy.

If you want to be a successful associate, you need to count on multiple affiliate programs.

Depending on just one affiliate will restrict your scope of earning more passive income. You will have to go by the rules of just that one affiliate.

That means counting on one landing page, conversion rates of the particular merchant, and one type of commission.

Register with multiple merchants and promote multiple products within your niche. Do it for every single post.

For example, if your expertise lies in beauty products, promote skincare products, cosmetics, hair care products, and others from different merchants.

This will give you a varied source of passive income through different commission types.

4.  Invest in Customer Relationship Management.

Without customers, your affiliate program will fall flat on its face. Therefore, invest time to nurture customer relationships.

A handwritten note, a personalized ad, addressing customer feedback and comments within a short time – these are all little things that can reap great rewards from customers. 

When merchants see how close a relationship you have forged with buyers, they will trust you with more of their products. In turn, you will attract more affiliate programs to entrust you with their influencer marketing.

5.  Update Content and Marketing Strategies.

Always refresh your content so that it remains relevant and updated. Especially if your niche is technology. 

Your posts should disseminate news about discoveries and product updates at the earliest. So, keep yourself abreast of what’s happening in your area of interest.

Keep a lookout on the ways advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc. are always evolving. Apply these to get the highest ROI from your marketing efforts.

6.  Practise Social Media Marketing 2.0

While you are busy posting ads on social media to get more customers to buy affiliate products, don’t overlook the forums or groups on these platforms.

Just be careful that you don’t become too pushy with affiliate products. Publish or link to informational content which contains the affiliate link.

Have a few such contents in your arsenal so that you don’t bore anyone with the same blog or post. Mix and match these posts across multiple forums for the best results.

7.  Analyze the Traffic Sources.


Take a look at the source of traffic on the analytics dashboard. Sources include organic, referral, social media, paid, email, direct traffic, etc.

This analysis will help you decipher the demographics and psychographics of the audience. You can, therefore, customize communication for greater engagement and efficiency.

Check out the page bounce rate, dwell time, and other metrics like geographical position, time, device, etc. so that you can design and execute highly targeted advertising campaigns.

A thorough analysis will increase your chances of getting more conversions, more leads, and more rewards.

8.  Utilize Ranked Pages with a High Organic Traffic.

With the help of Google Analytics, find out which pages from your website related to the affiliate products already rank high on Google SERP with huge organic traffic.

Utilize these readymade contents to include your affiliate link. 

9.  Avoid Using In-Between Pages.

Try to direct the customer from your content straight to the product description and purchase page on the affiliate’s site.

If the customer is asked to click and go to some other page, the chances of attrition increase, dampening your conversion rate. And that means lost commission.

However, a couple of affiliate programs may need an additional page for detailed product descriptions before the customer is directed to the purchase page.

In such cases, smart affiliates would negotiate to get a higher commission rate for the extra effort.

10. Check the CPC on Related Keywords.


Don’t let yourself get short-changed by agreeing to the first CPC rate that’s offered to you by the affiliate program. 

Top paying affiliate programs determine the CPC by analyzing the keywords that attract the highest bids.

As an affiliate, you should do the same to ensure you get the most out of these high-worth deals.

11. Use Non-Intrusive Advertising. 

Placing loud side or top banners with your affiliate links is more likely to drive potential customers away from making a purchase.

Keep your advertising in the non-intrusive mode by placing them naturally in the content as HTML or plain text.

12. Practise Lead Conversion Management.

Always test your content page to check conversion rate against page visitors, that is, the number of visitors versus how many of them generate sales.

If you want to increase the conversion rate, optimize the landing page by making it more user-friendly and easy for the customer to move seamlessly from the intent to the purchase stage.

Check if your call to action buttons are sprinkled in the content at strategic points to encourage one-click purchase. 

Final Words

Top paying affiliate programs are increasingly becoming more popular among experts and influencers. 

They provide a platform for earning a passive income without breaking any rules or the law. On a macro level, these highest paying affiliate programs keep the economy running. 


How many affiliate programs can you join?

Although there is no limit on the number of affiliate programs you can join, ideally you should stick to a maximum of three at a time. That’s because you should put all your marketing efforts into a couple of programs to earn more instead of spreading thin and not getting your desired level of passive income.

 Are affiliate programs legit?

Yes, affiliate programs are legit. It’s a digital marketing strategy just like any other. Instead of paying media platforms like Facebook or Instagram for promoting a product or service, you pay affiliates for doing the same.

How to find affiliate programs in your niche?

Use Google to find affiliate programs in your niche by simply typing “affiliate marketing program” + “your niche”. For example, “affiliate marketing program” + “travel bloggers”.

An affiliate program directory is a mine of such programs. You can targetGoogle “affiliate directories” and find your niche affiliate programs from the results. 

Lastly, you can check your preferred brand’s website for an affiliate program. For example, if you want to promote Forever 21, go to their website and scroll down to find any link that says affiliate program or associate program or refer a friend.

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