Top 10 Tips to Generate More SEO Leads

Tips to Generate More SEO Leads

If you’ve been in the SEO business for years, you already know that it’s a big deal, and getting the first client isn’t as easy as it may sound. 

Getting your first lead can leave you delighted, but when the job is done, you need to look for your next opportunity, which means more leads. 

For those who are new in this industry, SEO leads generation is a process of growing interest in your business to create an ongoing list of potential clients through organic search.

Most of the successful SEO firms follow some full-proof strategies to get an astonishing number of leads. As a starter, you may also want to know what those strategies are. Let’s get started.

This article looks into some of the amazing ways that will help you to generate thousands of SEO leads.

How to Generate More SEO Leads

The key to generating more leads is to increase your visibility in the search result so that your potential clients can easily find you and reach you. But how are you going to do that? 

Here are some tips that will help you to generate exclusive SEO leads for your business.

Create Detailed Landing Page for Your Niche

You may have a firm that offers multiple services, SEO, website design, graphics designing, campaign management, etc. Instead of describing all these services on a single page, why not use separate landing pages for each of them?

While you’re creating landing pages for each of your niche, make sure to put all the necessary information about your services, use appropriate keywords, and add lead-gen forms.

Implement Local SEO Strategies

Do you know what’s the best part of local SEO? You don’t have to compete against the whole world. Instead, you can compete against your neighbor and easily generate some leads.

It’s because the competition for these local keywords is significantly lower. Optimizing your website for local keywords will not only help you to get some passive income but also puts you in direct touch with businesses that want to enjoy the SEO benefits.

There are certain keywords that don’t have many competitions since they couldn’t offer much of a benefit for those who rank for them. However, they can still be helpful if you use them for a local niche website.

While you won’t be able to use this strategy to get thousands of clients, this may actually help you to get your first client.

Optimize All Your Blog Posts

Since you’re planning to generate some SEO leads, one of the most important things you need to do is optimizing your own blog posts to improve your visibility in the search results and attract more audiences. 

Since you’re competing with a number of other brands from your niche, using multiple keywords with lower search volume will be far better than using one with a higher search volume. Using long-tail keywords can also help you to rank. 

The higher you rank on Google, the easier it will be for you to attract your potential audiences and generate leads.

Go for Guest Posting

While you’re trying hard to get the attention of your audiences, you can also reach some of them by yourself and offer a guest post.

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Guest posting is another great way to generate leads that also helps you to build credibility. By writing for someone else’s website, you’re not only offering them a great service, but also introducing yourself to entirely new audiences who might be interested in your services.

Make Sure The Cold Email is Done Right

In most cases, the cold email turns out to be the biggest flop. It’s because the email isn’t well-written, full of grammatical errors, and can’t drive any curiosity. Why is that?

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The reason is, your potential client is receiving such emails every day and most of them are trying to sell their service on their first approach, which is wrong.

While writing your first email to them, do not sell your services right on the spot. Instead, let them know why you like their websites and how you see room for improvement.

Don’t pack your email with details about your services. Keep your email short and sweet, so that it becomes easier to build a relationship with them. You can also send them a video audit email or case study email that will drive the curiosity among them about your business.

Attend Conferences & Meetups

This is a tried & true method without which your journey towards generating more SEO leads wouldn’t be complete.

Attending conferences and local meetups is an excellent way to keep your opportunity pipeline flowing and meet new connections.

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To make it work, it’s highly recommended that you attend meetups where your target market congregates.

If you go to a meetup for a particular industry or local business owners, you will have a more rewarding time. 

It’s because, at an SEO conference, there will be others who offer the same services, meaning that you will be surrounded by your competitors rather than business owners who might need your help.

If possible, make your new best friend, since there are always meetups and events happening in most cities.

Be Active on Social Media

If you look into the websites with the most ranking keywords on Google, you will see how some of the major social media networks are dominating the list. 

So, being active on social media is one of the best things you can do for yourself to gain visibility. When people search for a particular keyword, they will easily find you if you have an active profile.

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Besides, some people tend to search directly on the social media channel. That’s why it’s crucial that you optimize your profile, as well as social media posts for maximum visibility.

Improve Your Website Speed

You’re not going to generate a single lead if your website runs slow. In fact, there’s a high possibility that it will not even appear in the search result.

Search engines consider speed as a huge factor. If you have a slow website, it will not be able to respond to the search quickly enough to get the attention of your target audiences.  

While developing your website, make sure you hire a reliable web host. Also, optimize your scripts, images, enable caching to make your website more responsive.

Offer a Free Audit Tool

While reviewing your traffic analytics, you may find huge traffic but relatively poor conversions through your phone number and contact form. While thousands of users are entering your website via Google search, you’re not getting enough leads from them.

Why is that? It’s because they don’t even know that their website isn’t optimized properly and they need your service. In that case, offering a free SEO audit tool can work like magic.

Now, every time users visit your website, they will be able to scan their website for free with that tool you integrated into it. However, to do so, they will have to provide their contact info first.

You can spend some dollars and embed an SEO tool for your website. Your visitors will get to scan their websites for free and you will get their contact number. It’s a win-win for all.

Look for Some Horrible Websites

Another great lead generation trick that, if done properly, may work like a charm. 

Although it’s 2020, there are still some websites that are a bit old school. They are not properly optimized, contain horrible content, and definitely don’t appear on the first page.

So, what you need to do is, search for a particular keyword. Go to the second and third pages of Google search and you will find some of the horrible websites that really need some help.

So, now you know how to get the contact details, approach with a nice email. Tell them how close they are to page #1, and how can you help them to get there. Once they are convinced, you get your leads.

Final Thoughts

According to Internet Live Stats, around 5.5 billion searches per day are done on Google and around 1.5 billion websites are currently online.

From the above stats, you can easily understand the number of SEO businesses. 

While there are some incredible ways to generate more SEO leads, you need to choose which one you should try first. So, find out what you are lacking and start working on it.

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