20 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Earn Money in 2022

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

The real estate business is booming, both offline and online. Especially, in this era of technology and the internet of things, most people are searching online during their home buying process.

With around 5.34 million homes sold in 2019, you may be thinking about joining this business. But, becoming a real estate agent without any certification or license isn’t as easy as you think. Then what should you do?

Well, there’s a way.

Even if you don’t have any certification, you can still sell homes or offer rental by joining an affiliate program.

While reading this article, you’ll discover some of the best real estate affiliate programs that will help you to make money by selling houses or rentals.

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Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs of 2022

If real estate is your niche, then joining an affiliate program will surely help you earn some money while boosting the traffic of your website. You can still choose some of these programs if your blog is about home decor or interior design. 

However, the real estate sector is quite competitive, so you need to be very careful while promoting those companies.

1. Lex Levinrad Real Estate Affiliate Program

Commission: 50%

Cookie: 180 days

How to Join: Click here to join


Since 2003, Lex Levinrad has been a full-time real estate investor. More than 1000 houses have been purchased, wholesaled, and rented during this time. He also helps other investors to learn how to buy, flip, and rent properties.

The affiliate program he offers is one of the most demanding among the real estate bloggers, thanks to its 50% commission rate. However, you must have an established website with at least 1000 unique daily visitors to sign up for this program.

They will approve your application as an affiliate upon checking your website background. After that, they will provide you with banners, marketing tools, logos, email copy to make sure you run the campaign smoothly.

2. Real Estate Express Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% per lead

Cookie: 100 days

How to Join: Click here to join

Real Estate Express has been the leader in online real estate education since 1996. Each year, thousands of students are benefited through their online courses and become a successful real estate agent or broker. 

Their national accredited platforms offer both pre-license and post-license courses. Their affiliate program lets you earn money by sharing their links on your website.

After signing up for the Real Estate Express affiliate program (which is free), you will be able to promote their online courses. You will earn 20% commission every time someone uses your link to sign up for the course. 

As an affiliate, you will also get access to their banners and logos that you can place on your blog. Since the program offers 100 days of cookie life, anyone from your audience converts within 100 days, you will get paid.

3. Foreclosure Affiliate Program

Commission: 25%

Cookie: 6 months

How to Join: Click here to join


Foreclosure is the leading distressed property provider in America. Their website has the most detailed property listings in a user-friendly format. 

Joining their affiliate program can be a profitable choice since their website has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. 

Besides, as an affiliate, you will be able to enjoy a generous amount of commission every time your readers purchase a property using your link. The program offers a 6-month cookie period, which is long enough to make some successful sales.

4. Realtor Affiliate Program

Commission: $5

Cookie: N/A

How to Join: Click here to join

For years, realtor.com has been helping people to buy their dream homes. Known as the home for home search, the website offers a detailed list of properties that are for sale, tools, and information that help people to make smart buying decisions.

Their affiliate program is managed by Viglink. Anyone who has an account in that network can easily join the program. The commission rate is $5 per lead, which is quite low. However, since the website is quite popular, you may end up making some good sales.

5. All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

Commission: 15% or 20%

Cookie: 30 days

How to Join: Click here to join


Not everyone in your audience list wants to buy a home. Some of them may be real estate agents or trying to be one. All Things Real Estate wants to help them by providing all the marketing materials they need to sell a house. 

They want to eliminate the idea that real estate marketing can’t be anything rather than ugly and boring. Hence, they provide interesting open house and yard signs, stickers, homebuyers guide, and many more.

All Things Real Estate’s affiliate program is run by Refersion, where you can easily sign up. Once you join the program, you will receive around 15-20% commission per referred sale. Besides, you will get access to their beautiful logos, ad banners, brand books, among others.

6. Buildium Real Estate Affiliate Program

Commission: 25%

Cookie: 60 days

How to Join: Click here to join

If you’re looking for an affiliate program that lets you promote stuff related to property management, Buildium real estate offers exactly the perfect program for you.

Launched in 2002, the platform has been helping the property managers and real estate investors to efficiently scale their portfolio. They come with the property management software that helps people to track budgets, pay vendors, manage listings, run complicated tenant screenings, etc.

Buildium offers one of the highest paying affiliate programs for bloggers in this particular niche. For each referred sale, you will have a 25% commission in your pocket. Besides, you will be able to use their marketing tools and materials for a successful campaign.

7. Real Estate Affiliates 

Commission: 25%

Cookie: 60 days

How to Join: Click here to join


This is one of the biggest affiliate networks specially designed for the real estate business. Realestateaffiliates.com offers some of the highest paying affiliate programs that help the bloggers, as well as the brokers to earn a good amount of fortune.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn money from their website in three ways. 

Cost Per Action or CPA method lets you get money when your referrals become a lead.

The Cost Per Lead (CPL) method pays you every time you send your referrals’ registration.

Under the revenue share method, you will receive a commission for the transactions your referrals enter into with any of this website’s partner advertisers.

Apart from multiple ways of earning, this affiliate program gives you a 25% commission with a 60-day cookie period. This is a great option for you if you want all the best real estate affiliate programs under one platform.

8. Property MOB Affiliate Program

Commission: 25%

Cookie: 30 days

How to Join: Click here to join

Property M.O.B offers one of the best real estate affiliate programs in the market for bloggers in this niche. Its resourceful website offers almost everything real estate investors need to run their business successfully.

Users can get benefited from their virtual coaching, training materials, trained virtual assistant, etc. 

Their affiliate program is free and easy to join. You will receive a 25% commission for each sale that’s coming through your referral links. 

And the best part?

Anyone who signs up for a monthly program, you will get paid each month. This is what makes this associate program a popular one.

9. Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie: TBC

How to Join: Click here to join


Do you have property managers or owners among your audiences who want to market their properties to traveling professionals? Then promoting CHBO can be the best thing you can do for them.

Their affiliate program is suitable for both bloggers from real estate and travel niche. Based on your niche, you can help property owners to get temporary renters or travelers to rent a house for a short term. 

CHBO’s affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. You will get a 15% commission for each sale through your website with a 30-days referral period. 

10. BoldLeads Real Estate Affiliate Program

Commission: $20 per lead

Cookie: TBC

How to Join: Click here to join

As an affiliate, you don’t always need to sell properties or rentals through your blog. There are some different affiliate programs in this niche from which you can earn some good money. BoldLeads offers something like that.

The platform comes up with automated, quality lead generation, and follow-up systems to help realtors across Canada and the US. 

You can join the affiliate program by registering through their website. You will receive $20 per sale, which is pretty decent considering the niche.

11. House Plan Gallery Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 1 year

How to Join: Click here to join


House Plan Gallery is an award-winning company that offers fabulous floor plan designs. Their design plans have been built over 13,000 times in the USA and Canada.

Being one of the top home designers in the US, they have created thousands of beautiful, highly-functional floor plan layouts at an affordable rate.

If you have a website targeted to real estate agents or investors, you can recommend their house plan to them for their clients. As an affiliate, you will end up having a 20% commission in your pocket per referred sale.

12. HomeAway Affiliate Program

Commission: 3% for every new traveler, $20 for every new listing

Cookie: TBC

How to Join: Click here to join

With more than 2 million properties in almost 200 countries, HomeAway is one of the leading marketplaces for vacation rentals. They offer a wide range of vacation homes to travelers who desire to relax and enjoy privacy.

Whether you have a travel-related or property-based blog, you can join its affiliate program and promote its services to your niches. 

Their commission is a bit different than other programs. You will receive a 3% commission for each traveler you refer to who rents a listing from their website. Besides, for every listing you refer to HomeAway, you will be rewarded by $20. 

13. LeadsBridge

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 90 days

How to Join: Click here to join


Every real estate broker needs enough leads to run their business successfully. This is where LeadsBridge acts as their rescuer. The platform offers more than 330 CRMs and email marketing software that help real estate agents to run their business smoothly.

Apart from that, they have a software named Real Estate Webmaster, designed only for real estate business in mind that offers complete solutions to realtors.

If you join their affiliate program, you will receive a 20% bonus for every sale made through your blog. You will also get access to their pre-built banners, social posts, affiliate links, videos, etc. in the member area.  

14. LendingTree

Commission: $0.40- $60 per lead

Cookie: 14 days

How to Join: Click here to join

LendingTree is a leading online platform for different types of loans including personal loans, student loans, credit cards, as well as home loans. Any buyers looking for the right mortgage can get support from this platform.

Founded in 1996, LendingTree has become one of the largest networks of lenders. Just by filling out a simple form, anyone can use multiple loan offers. 

You can join their affiliate program via Viglink, CJ Affiliate, or FlexOffers based on your preference. Every time a visitor fills up their form using the link from your website, you will earn some commission. 

The commission may look a bit low, but their website has a high conversion rate that can help you to earn a decent amount every month.

15. Zilpy Affiliate

Commission: 30%

Cookie: 30 days

How to Join: Click here to join

Since 2008, Zilpy has been one of the most popular platforms to provide rental market analytics. 

They help real estate investors to make wise decisions about their investment by providing information about the crime rate, school rating, and other demographics about an area.

Partners in their affiliate program can earn up to 30% sales commission by promoting their online services. However, the downside of this program is they only pay via PayPal.

16. RP Capital

Commission: 6%

Cookie: N/A

How to Join: Click here to join

RP Capital is a famous platform for investment property specialists that includes a team of highly professional and licensed real estate personnel. 

The company specializes in different investments, structured transactions, and monetary informative services that help the users to discover investment opportunities and identify the native market.

Upon joining RP Capital’s affiliate program, you can generate leads for them by using a unique referral link. You will receive a 6% commission for every closure and get your payment via check twice a month.

17. Home Referral Network

Commission: $100-$325

Cookie: TBC

How to Join: Click here to join

Apart from buying and renting properties, your audiences will also need home contractor services to develop and maintain their dream homes. That’s why Home Referral Network offers a contractor referral service.

Their service offers the local homeowners with plumbers, carpenters, painters, and even electricians required to maintain a perfect home. 

This is indeed an amazing service that you should promote through your website. While you’re busy referring properties for buying or renting, adding this service to your affiliate marketing campaign will add an extra value to your site.

What will you get for that? You will receive from $100-$325 for every sale based on the service your readers sign up for. 

18. Referz

Commission: Up to 25%

Cookie: TBC

How to Join: Click here to join

Referz helps people find the best real estate agent in their area. For more than 10 years, they have been helping people (both buyers and sellers) to find the top broker for their job.

Their affiliate program provides three different types of payouts based on the type you sign up for.

The first one is a standard program that requires you to pay 30% of your referral pay upon closing, while you can enjoy the rest (70%). You don’t need a license to sign up for this program.

The second referral program requires you to have a license and will pay you a 20% commission for every referred sale. The last one is a team referral program that lets you earn up to 25% for every successful sale.

19. DealCheck

Commission: 50% (for COVID-19)

Cookie: 90 days

How to Join: Click here to join


DealCheck is a popular investment property analysis platform that helps investors to correctly analyze their properties.

Founded in 2015 by  Anton Ivanov, who realized the need for a tool that is easy to use and has a cloud-based analysis platform. 

More than 120,000 professionals are using their app to estimate cash flow, analyze flips & multi-family buildings, rental properties, and find the best real estate deals.

Its affiliate program is free to join. Although it usually offered a 30% commission to the affiliates, now it’s offering 50% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So, if you are stuck at home due to the pandemic and looking for a way to earn more through your website, this can be your best bet.

20. ForeclosureSearch.ca 

Commission: 75%

Cookie: TBC

How to Join: Click here to join

If you notice your readers need comprehensive information on foreclosures, properties, and other relevant searches, you can offer them to visit ForeclosureSearch.ca. 

The website was launched in 2007 to help investors and prospective buyers. 

It can help users to find foreclosed and distressed properties that can’t be found anywhere else. Besides, users can get them at a rate of around 20-50% below market value.

Its affiliate program also offers an amazing commission rate – 75% for referring a visitor to them. Besides, they will supply you with text links, banners, ads, and even articles to get you started right away.

Final Thoughts

While the real estate industry is great for making money, it also comes with huge competition. Running a blog in this niche will be quite challenging if you can’t keep your listing system updated.

If you still want to join some real estate affiliate programs, determine your target audiences first. Who do you want to write for? Those who want a license? The buyers or the travelers looking for renting a home?

Since the market is competitive, it’s highly suggested that you mix and match different affiliate programs from this niche, instead of just going for one.

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