How Keyword Mapping Can Help You to Create a Killer Content

So, you’ve got a website with some of the most fabulous content. However, you are still having trouble to rank top on Google. 

Do you know why? Because you may be forgetting the most essential ingredients for a killer content – keywords. 

Keywords are considered as the foundations for your SEO efforts. However, the foundation can be a vulnerable one if you do the keyword research wrong. Since not every customer is going to use the front door, it’s crucial to make other entries visible to customers to increase your sales.

Website SEO works just like that. You need to focus on each page of your website or create a new page with outstanding content to become more visible to your target audiences.

But, how are you going to do this? 

The solution is keyword mapping.

What is Keyword Mapping

Most of you have already heard about keyword mapping and its importance for SEO. It’s the process of assigning keywords to a specific page of your website.

Keyword mapping helps you to decide exactly where to optimize, which content to create, and if you need to create a new page to attract more customers. That’s why it’s called one of the key processes of on-page optimization. 

Mapping lets you make the pages more relevant to the keywords by creating specific on-page SEO recommendations. It serves as a guide to help keep your website organized and easily accessible to users.

Why Keyword Mapping is Important for a Successful Content

When users search on Google, it provides the information by analyzing the relevance of each page. So, do not ignore the process of mapping if you care about people reading your content.


Keyword mapping can help you create successful content in various ways. Here are some of the benefits of the keyword map spreadsheet.

Helps You Get The Right Audience

Search engines, especially Google, depend a lot on the keywords you’re using on your content to bring it in front of the audiences. 

If your content isn’t optimized with the keywords your potential customers use while searching, there’s a high possibility that they won’t even find your content in the search result, let alone reading it.

That’s why it’s essential that you do proper keyword research and map them for specific pages to attract the right audiences and become more visible to them.

Easy to Prioritize The Focus

Once you create a new keyword list, you will get a solid idea of what your potential audiences are looking for. It will help you to prioritize and focus on your work.

You can edit your existing content using the keywords or create a new page with new keywords that will help you to attract the audiences. You will know exactly which keywords you should focus on. It will be easier for you to structure your content.

Opportunities to Rank Faster

Keyword map spreadsheet lets you have a solid idea of your position in the market. With in-depth keyword research, you will get a list of keywords in your niche that can help you rank faster.

Once you get the data, you know exactly why your content isn’t ranking. It gives you the opportunity to find what you are lacking and customize your content accordingly. It means, with just a simple adjustment, you can rank faster on Google.

You Will Get New Ideas

Since the keyword mapping will provide you with a bunch of keywords, chances are you will come across something you never heard of before.

This gives you the chance to work on those keywords so that you can come up with new and creative ideas to write your future blog. The more ideas you generate, the easier it will be to attract new audiences.

Helps to Improve Existing Content & Avoid Duplicacy

While you have a number of different content on your website, not all of them have the same rankings. It’s because some of the articles aren’t properly optimized. Should you just remove them? Not necessarily.

The keyword map spreadsheet allows you to find keywords that you never used but are relevant to some of your pages. Optimizing your content for those certain keywords can literally give your page a boost for ranking, meaning that you’re about to attract a number of readers.

Also, since you already have content that you can update, you don’t even need to write a new one. It means you can easily avoid a duplicate content issue.

Identifies The Pages That Need Link Building

Keyword mapping will show you some of your pages that are highly optimized but still can’t rank on the search engines. However, your competitors are doing very well for the same keywords.

The reason for this is the lack of quality backlinks. Since your content is a high quality one, you can easily get rank by getting a good number of quality do-follow backlinks. 

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How to Do Keyword Mapping

So, as you’re convinced about what amazing things keyword mapping can do to your site’s traffic, you want to try the process. In essence, this is actually keyword research, but they should match your webpages or vice versa.

Begin With Keyword Research

You need to conduct proper keyword research to create a well-planned mapping document. For that, first, you need to find out the issues your page is currently facing and how it’s revealed through their search queries. 

Explore keywords (both short and long-tail) and use them in conjunction to create a strong keyword map. 

Don’t get caught up in having to rank for each and every great keyword you find. Remember, these keywords are simply helping you understand the industry, while ranking depends a lot on your products or services and your competitors.

There are some tools (both free and premium) that can help you with keyword research, including KWfinders, Keywords Everywhere, SEMrush, Ahrefs, among others. Use any of them at your convenience.

Put The Similar Keywords in a Group

So, you’re done with researching and have your set of keywords, now it’s time to find out what your searchers are asking for and bucket the keywords that answer the same question. 

For example, “florida beach resorts,” “beach resorts in florida,” and “best beach resorts in florida” are all the phrases generated from our target keyword “florida beach resorts” and they all go for the same query. 

This task is quite easy but a bit time-consuming. All you need to do is duplicate your spreadsheet and go line by line to pair similar keywords.

Assign Them to Relevant Pages

The mapping part will come into play once you’re done with grouping your keywords. Now you need to assign those keywords to the relevant pages of your site.

Start by comparing your existing pages with these newly discovered keywords, both focus keyword, and long-tail keywords. However, you need to find out which page is most relevant for a certain keyword.

You can do it by typing “site: your keyword” and let Google decide which page is the best suited for a specific keyword using the “site:” modifier.

Use Them to Create Amazing Contents

Do you know what’s the best part of keyword mapping? It will help you to think about your pages in terms of themes, letting you create content that your readers would love to read again and again. 

For example, the results for your target keyword “florida beach resort” can show some results like “all inclusive beach resorts in florida” or “romantic getaways in florida.” You can easily use them as an inspiration for relevant content regardless of their keyword difficulty.

Since you have the URL bucket, now you need to create the theme, with the homepage at the top followed by the subdirectories. Now fill each subdirectory with potential pages and start creating content accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Although some tools are available for keyword mapping, doing it manually is quite an easy process. However, most people don’t understand the importance of mapping and how it helps you find the relevant keywords for your pages.

The best SEO practice starts with proper keyword research. While keyword research can help you to find you a ton of keywords to work with, mapping helps you to decide where to use those keywords, which content to create and how adding a new page can attract more traffic.

Whether you already have content or need to create a new one, mapping can help you to come with the best strategy for your content and make it an outstanding one.

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