13 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs for About Every Purpose

Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

Insurance has a powerful impact on almost every occasion of your life. Whether it’s your health, pet, home, car, or traveling plan, you need to opt for an insurance policy in case damage or loss occurs. 

Considering its contribution of around $630 billion, which is 2.9% to the USA’s GDP in 2019, you can understand how enormous the insurance market is.

Even if you’re not in an insurance business, you can still enjoy the privilege of selling a policy to your customers by joining an affiliate program. 

If you have a blog on sports, pet, traveling, electronics products, etc., you can make your audiences buy a relevant insurance policy through your website. But, which program should you opt for?

This article looks into 13 of the best insurance affiliate programs from which you can find the suitable one for your niche.

Why is Insurance Affiliate Popular?

Just like the insurance business, its affiliate programs are getting huge popularity and there are good reasons behind it. Unlike some other niches, there’s a lot of money that can be made in this industry.

And, how much fortune can you make by promoting an insurance company? The answer is a lot. Even if you join a small insurance affiliate program, you may end up making a fairly decent amount of money.

Apart from the money-making part, there are some other factors that have made this affiliate popular.

Huge Customer Base

No matter what is the niche of your blog, you will always find some people looking for insurance. Starting from health insurance to car insurance and small business insurance, there’s a need for everything that covers lots of different needs.

By joining an insurance affiliate program, you will be able to attract a number of potential customers to your blog, who will not only purchase a policy but also love your site for promoting them.

Chance to Work With Reputed Companies

There are numerous renowned companies that allow publishers to promote their services. While it helps them to get more customers, it also makes your site popular since you’re working with those renowned companies. It’s a win-win for both.

A Never-Ending Business

The insurance business is something that isn’t likely to see its end ever. Even if you’re done selling insurance to your customers, there will be a time when they need to renew the services. 

If your audiences trust your referred companies, chances are that they will go for them again when it comes to renewing the services. It means you will have the chance to sell the same service to the same customer again.

Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

As you already know how beneficial this associate program can be for your site, you must be planning to join one. But, it’s quite normal to find the best one that goes with your niche.

Here are 13 best insurance affiliate programs from which you can choose the right one for you.

1. Allstate Affiliate Program

Commission: Renter’s insurance: $5 auto insurance: $10, home insurance: $20

Cookie: N/A

How to join: Click here to join 


Founded in 1931, Allstate is one of the largest insurers of the United States. Headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, the company ranked 79th in the 2019 edition of Fortune 500 due to its incredible revenue.

By joining its affiliate program, you will get a commission of $5, $10, or $20 based on the type you choose. Whether your website is about home development or automobile, you can still get the chance to promote this reputed company by inspiring your readers to purchase an insurance policy. 

Allstate runs its affiliate program through Impact Media. The best part of joining this program is it will pay you just for your audiences signing up for a quote. Even if your readers don’t purchase the service, you will still get paid.

2. eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program

Commission: $10-$75 based on your application type

Cookie: 120 days

How to join: Click here to join


eHealth is one of the best online health insurance sourcing companies in the US. Partnered with over 180 renowned health insurance carriers, the company provides great support to both individuals and families.

Its associate program lets you work with the award-winning company whether your site is about small business, study, health, or insurance policies. Besides, it provides quite a good commission based on your niche.

Commission rate based on the type of application:

  • Dental Health Insurance $10
  • Short Term Health Insurance $10
  • Student Health Insurance $20
  • Individual or Family Health Insurance $50
  • Small Business Group Health Insurance $75

One of the best parts of this program is its 120 days cookie period. This makes your audiences think about the policy and purchase with confidence. Since the company is quite popular, there’s a chance you will end up making great sales through your site.

3. USAA Insurance Affiliate Program

Commission: $1-$25 depending on your application type

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 


If your niche somehow overlaps with the military, then USAA is the company you need to promote. Since 1922, the company has been serving military individuals and their family members.

With a wide range of auto, home, health, life insurance, etc., USAA provides assistance and guidance for raising a family, establishing financial independence, and even planning for retirement.

The company has partnered with Flexoffers and Commission Junction to run the affiliate program. Considering the network you choose and the application type, you will get a commission ranging from $1-$25 with a 30-day referral period.

While the commission seems to be quite low at the beginning, it will be higher if your performance is good enough.

4. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

Commission:$3-$17 depending on your application type

Cookie: 120 days

How to join: Click here to join


Liberty Mutual is an American company and the world’s 6th largest insurer. Since 1912, the company has been helping people to protect what they own, earn, build, and cherish. 

Its insurance coverage includes homeowners, auto, general liability, life, among others. As an affiliate, you will get a great selection of products to promote. In fact, the company will create a customized service as per your audiences’ request.

While the commission rate seems to be quite low, starting from $3 that will raise up to $17 based on the application type, its 120-day cookie period will make sure you can actually make some proper sales.

5. Esurance Affiliate Program

Commission: $10 – $13.33

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join

Being a specialist in automobile insurance, Esurance offers relevant insurance and comparison quotes to the customers. The company is known as one of the finest in its area and is a member of the Allstate family.

The reason Esurance has a great conversion rate is its easy quote process. You can join its affiliate program via CJ Affiliate where you will receive $10-$13.33 for each quote. 

Apart from the commission, you will be able to access its logos, banner, and text links to enhance your promotion.

6. PetFirst Insurance Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 


An excellent choice for those who are running a website on pet health. Established in 2004, Petfirst offers hassle-free insurance to pet parents. The company has already provided coverage to tens and thousands of cats and dogs, thus gaining the trust of the pet owners across the US.

Petfirst has recently been acquired by Metlife, one of the largest global insurance providers. You can join its affiliate program via Flexoffers or Viglink.

While the commission rate is quite low, considering its popularity and the growing demand for pet insurance, there’s a high chance that you will be making some good sales through your blog.

7. Electric Insurance Company Affiliate Program

Commission: up to $15

Cookie: 45 days

How to join: Click here to join 


Electric Insurance Company was founded in 1966 to serve the employees of General Electric who were looking for insurance coverage. Its world-class insurance policy covers the area of auto, home, renters, and even condo.

While it was started to serve some of the particular people, it’s now offering its services to everyone. Electric Insurance runs its associate program via Commission Junction and provides up to $15 per lead to the affiliate marketers.

You will also get some bonuses for the increased number of leads per month. Besides, as an affiliate, you will be able to access its banners, logos, text links, trackers, as well as reporting tools to run your promotion smoothly.

8. Hiscox Small Business Insurance Affiliate Program

Commission: $25 per quote

Cookie: 7 days

How to join: Click here to join 


Purchasing insurance has become easier for small business owners, thanks to Hiscox. The company offers different types of policies including general liability, professional liability, business owners policy, cybersecurity, among others.

Hiscox launched its affiliate program via CJ Affiliate, where you can earn $25 for each completed quote. Considering its 33% conversion rate to quotes, this is sure a lucrative program to join.

9. Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

Commission: up to $25

Cookie: 45 days

How to join: Click here to join


Are you managing a travel-related blog? Then this might be the perfect affiliate program for you to try. 

Allianz Travel Insurance offers its customers a customized solution for travel agents, airlines, resorts, credit cards, etc., thanks to their cutting edge technology. 

The company has a partnership with a number of renowned airlines, travel agencies, resorts, etc. that help it to provide solutions to any travel-related problems. 

Its affiliate program is run by CJ Affiliate and offers up to $25 for each qualified sale. Besides, you will get access to cross-device tracking and the marketing material for promotional purposes.

10. RoamRight Insurance Affiliate Prorgam

Commission: 15%

Cookie: 365 days

How to join: Click here to join 

Another great affiliate program in the travel niche that lets your audiences get insurance at an affordable rate. Roamright offers amazing insurance coverage to those who love to roam around the world.

Backed by Arch Insurance Group, the company’s policy is designed to serve every type of traveler. It runs the affiliate program via ShareASale. 

The program is quite amazing for travel bloggers. With a 15% commission and a 365 days cookie, you are surely going to make a good amount of money through this affiliate program.

11. World Nomads 

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join  

World Nomads is quite popular among young travelers due to its flexible offers. Modern-day travelers require smart options and flexibility in their insurance policy so that they can enjoy their tour to the fullest. 

Whether you have a travel blog or an amazing Instagram account, this affiliate program can be a great option for you to try. You will get a 10% commission, which is pretty decent considering the niche.

12. Coverwallet Insurance Affiliate Program

Commission: $30 for each valid quote 

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join  

Each and every small business requires insurance, and this is where Cover Wallet comes at their rescue. The company lets the business owners get amazing policies from leading insurance carriers. 

Cover Wallet is a reliable name to most small business owners since it fits incredibly well with the vibe of the modern digital business. 

The company runs its affiliate program via CJ Affiliate that gives you a $30 commission for the valid quote. If your blog generates business-related content, this program is the best fit for you.

13. DentalPlans.com Affiliate Program

Commission: $40-$45 

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join


Regardless of age, gender, race, everyone needs health insurance. And if the insurance is for their dental health, it can surely put a smile on their face.

DentalPlans comes with some great deals that let your audiences save 10-60% of total cost in their dental care. It allows users to find the best dental insurance in their area.

As an affiliate, you will receive $50 per referred sale. This is an excellent option for you to make some money through your blog since health insurance is a popular sector. Everyone wants to get insurance, especially when it comes to their oral health.

Final Thoughts

Insurance is a trillion-dollar business in the United States alone. So, this niche is worth the time. 

No matter which category your website falls in, there’s a chance to write about the relevant insurance policy and help your audiences to get their desired one. 

However, promoting insurance companies isn’t as easy as it sounds. Although there’s good money, it requires time and patience to get the desired results.

Besides, you need to be careful while you’re creating content regarding this topic. Insurance policy tends to be a boring topic, so it’s your job to make the content interesting enough to draw your audience’s attention. 

If you can find the right niche, combined with great content, there’s a high chance for you to end up with a successful affiliate site.

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