Etrade Affiliate Program Review – Reasons You Should Join This Program

Etrade Affiliate Program Review

As a financial blogger, you may want to help people by publishing finance or investment related advice. Great idea! 

But, how about monetizing your content while you’re helping your audiences? This may sound more lucrative since you may be able to earn a good amount of money through your content. And one of the most profitable ways to do that is by linking to an affiliate program.

Affiliate or associate programs allow you to earn a significant amount of money for sending traffic to a particular website that you’re promoting. As an affiliate marketer, you will have to post links to the merchant sites and for every referred purchase, you will get paid according to the agreement.

With so many financial affiliate programs out there, it’s difficult to decide which one to go for. If you’re looking for a reliable program to join, opting for Etrade’s offer can be a wise choice. 

However, before you jump into a decision, let’s check out this review on the Etrade affiliate program.

Etrade: Company Overview

Etrade Financial Corporation is known as the pioneer of online trading that offers services including common stocks, mutual funds, preferred stocks, exchange-traded funds, futures contracts, options, among others.

The company was founded in 1991 by Bernard A. Newcomb and William A. Porter using the capital from TradePlus, a company that they founded in 1982.

Currently, Etrade is headquartered in Arlington with 30 retail branches across the United States. The company is one of the leading financial service firms and also has high-tech custody platforms for advisors.

Etrade also operates an e-commerce site where it sells its services in the trading and investment app industry.

A Brief Idea About Etrade Affiliate Program

For those who are interested in building their career in affiliate marketing, Etrade has launched an affiliate program that allows you to connect your audiences with one of the renowned global leaders in the financial sector.

The program is hosted by CJ Affiliate, one of the leading affiliate networks. Once you join the affiliate program, the company will pay you for introducing and referring investors to the brokers.

However, you can also refer a friend directly from its website for which you will earn a reward.

Unlike other affiliate programs, Etrade lets its affiliate markets earn in two ways:

Transaction-Based Earning

Once your client is introduced to the broker and takes the potion, you will get a certain commission.

Flat-Based Earning

When the client introduced by you to the broker starts investing money, you will receive a fixed amount per client. 

Once your audiences click the referred link through your blog, you will start earning for each referred sale using your preferred way.

Why Should You Join This Program

Joining an affiliate program can help you in many ways, especially when it matches your niche. For every financial blogger, joining the Etrade affiliate program can benefit you in several ways.

Earn Rewarding Commissions

For every referred sale, Etrade will give you a certain amount of commissions based on how you prefer it, flat-based or transaction-based. 

Getting a commission is basically the key reason why bloggers opt for affiliate marketing. Since this program lets you choose between two different ways, managing money will be more convenient for you.


Besides, once your website becomes popular, you will be able to make more referred sales, which means more commissions.

Increase The Popularity of Your Website

People these days don’t visit a website just to read the blogs. They look for great ideas and advice and recommendations for products or services that can help change their life. 

Promoting a company through your website that has an excellent reputation in the market can significantly increase the traffic of your website.

Since Etrade is one of the most popular financial corporations, people may search for their service a lot. 

When they can connect to their services through your website, it automatically makes you one of the popular websites to look for. The more popular you will be, the more traffic you will get.

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Increase Your Visibility

If you’re struggling with ranking top in Google, joining such affiliate programs can help you. You might be wondering how. Let me explain.

People use certain keywords when they search for a particular item. If you’re planning to promote a company, you need to creatively use some of the relative keywords people use to search for that particular company.


Once you successfully put them in your blog, it will be visible in the search engine when your potential audiences put those keywords in their search. And they might end up visiting your website even if they aren’t interested in reading your blogs.

Get Free Trade Offers

Apart from the services Etrade usually provides, it will give you a number of free-trade opportunities to promote. These offers will add incredible values to your website while letting you earn money.

How to Join the Etrade Affiliate Program

Joining the Etrade affiliate program is quite an easy process. If you have an account in the CJ Affiliate network, all you need to do is log in to your account, search for this affiliate program and join. 

However, things can be a bit time consuming and challenging if you don’t have an account in this network. To get started, first you need to register in CJ Affiliate’s website to create a publisher account.

To register in this network, first, you need to provide your name, email id, and preferred password, and verify the email. 

Then it will take to another page where you need to complete your network profile, add a promotional property, provide company details, tax information, and payment information.

Once your registration is done, you will be able to log in to your account and join your desired affiliate network.

Final Thoughts

While the affiliate programs can help you earn a significant amount of money and gain huge traffic, they can also do the opposite if you do it wrong. That’s why it’s crucial to join the right affiliate program for your blog.

While joining an affiliate program, make sure it goes with your niche and you can create relevant content to promote that particular company. You may have to create a new category on your website to make sure things go smoothly.

We hope this review on Etrade affiliate program helps you to understand its features, requirements, as well as benefits. Also, if you’re joining a program for the first time, make sure you read their rules and regulations on the agreement page. If needed, don’t hesitate to ask for some advice from an expert in this field.

Note: Please note that E*trade Affiliate Program is currently not active in CJ Affiliate. It was last active in August 2020. We will let you know when the program is active again. Stay tuned!

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