23 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs in 2022

Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Credit cards are the most popular payment methods across the globe. It involves people to purchase any product or service with the promise to repay them later with some financial interests.

You can’t only buy things using a credit card. It also helps you to get loans for home or car if you have a good credit repayment history. And while it allows people to buy things, there’s also a chance to earn a good amount of money. 

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are applying for new credit cards every day, making it an excellent money-making option for affiliate marketers. 

There are some credit card affiliate programs conducted by the financial institutions that offer lucrative commissions to bloggers who promote their services. 

While reading this article, you will learn about some of the best programs you can join as a financial blogger.

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Should You Promote Credit Cards?

Of course, you should.

Joining a credit card affiliate program will not only help you earn money by making your readers get one but it will also help repair your poor credit score.

The number of people applying for credit cards is increasing day by day. Considering its 13% annual average growth, promoting credit cards through your blog can be a great idea.

Besides, when it comes to paying the commission, these affiliate programs are quite generous. Compared to other associate programs, credit card companies pay a lot more money to their affiliates, making it one of the most popular niches for them to promote.

Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

With so many options out there, it’s difficult to choose the best associate program. Here we have presented some of the best credit card affiliate programs in the market that are worth the try.

1. American Express Canada

Commission: up to $200 CAD or around $150 USD

Cookie: 7 days

How to Join: Click here to join


American Express or Amex is one of the most popular credit card providers in the world. Founded in 1950, the brand is famous for the various credit cards, charge cards, and travelers’ cheque services it offers.

In 1953, the company started doing its business in Canada. Its affiliate program lets your visitors enjoy the benefits of being an Amex user, such as getting a flexible-rewards card or cash-back offers.

But, what will you get by promoting its service?

The amount is pretty impressive. It offers its affiliate marketers around $200 CAD per lead. So you can understand why we put this program in the first place. 

However, remember that you will only get paid when your audiences’ applications are approved. The program is extremely secure so there’s no chance of fraudulence. 

2. USAA Credit Cards

Commission: up to $20

Cookie: 7 days

How to Join: Click here to join


USAA is a trusted name for financial services among the military personnel and their families. Since 1922, it has been providing services to members of the US military (both active and retired).

Although the company started out as an auto insurance provider, now it offers banking service, mortgage, real estate, as well as credit card service.

USAA manages its affiliate program via Commission Junction and offers up to $20 to its affiliate for each referred sale.

The amount might look a bit low. But considering more than 24 million military individuals across the US looking for credit cards, you will surely end up earning a good amount of money. 

3. Credit.com 

Commission: Varies

Cookie: Varies

How to Join: Click here to join


Founded by credit experts and advocates, credit.com offers free credit scoring service, price comparison, etc. It also offers a credit card network for those who want to start their career as affiliate marketers. 

Users can get access to credit cards from the biggest industries such as Chase, Citi, American Express, etc. Besides, credit.com has its own credit card that suits audiences from almost any niche.

The affiliate program offers you a high payout and conversion rates. Your audiences will be able to choose from some of the best credit cards that match their needs.

4. Luxury Card

Commission: $405

Cookie: 30 days

How to Join: Click here to join


As the name suggests, Luxury Card offers a credit card that is most suitable to your elite audiences. 

Unlike typical credit cards, its premium cards are made of stainless steel and carbon. Not only that, but there’s also a 24-karat gold version of its credit card for those who crave it. 

So, what will you and visitors get if you join its affiliate program?

Your audiences will receive a premium credit card that offers 2% cashback. They will also enjoy access to different airport lounges across the world. 

As an affiliate, you will earn a whopping $405, which is pretty impressive. Besides, you will enjoy a 24/7 concierge service, which you can use to purchase a gift or book a hotel room for you.

5. Scotiabank Credit Cards

Commission: $99 CAD or around $73 USD

Cookie: 30 days

How to Join: Click here to join


Scotiabank was founded in 1831 by a group of businessmen in Halifax. Now the bank has branches in 55 countries with more than 19 million customers. 

Apart from banking services, Scotiabank also offers different credit cards such as student cards, low APR, cashback offers, and travel rewards.

It means joining its affiliate program will allow you to promote its services under different niches. As a promoter, you will receive $99 CAD, which is equivalent to USD 73. 

It’s a great option for any financial blogger, especially the new ones since it doesn’t have much competition.

6. Capital Bank

Commission: $25

Cookie: 30 days

How to Join: Click here to join


Anyone who uses an OpenSky credit card knows about Capital Bank. This is one of the most user-friendly and secure credit cards offered by this regional bank from New York City.

As a secured visa credit card, OpenSky lets its customers select their credit limit and make it secure with a one-time refundable deposit. Besides, customers will be able to build their credit score.

Its affiliate program is managed by CJ Affiliate and will give the affiliates $25 per successful referral. 

While the rate is quite low, this is still a good option since users don’t require credit scores to get this card. It means you can easily sell them to your audiences. 

7. Upgrade Credit Card

Commission: $60

Cookie: 30 days

How to Join: Click here to join


The Upgrade Credit Card allows customers to get a visa card with a credit line from $500 to $20,000. But, it eliminates the horrible interest rates that most other cards charge.

Instead, they have to pay an interest rate that is closer to a personal loan. It makes the repaying process a bit quicker.

The company runs its affiliate program via FlexOffers. You will receive $60 for each of your audiences who will get approved for the card. It’s a good option to opt for if you want your audiences to get a credit card at a lower cost.

8. Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card

Commission: up to $200

Cookie: 30 days

How to Join: Click here to join


If your audiences are international travelers, then Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card will be an excellent option for them. It has some amazing offers to those who travel a lot, particularly to South America. 

For example, users will receive a 0% APR for the first year, followed by a variable rate after that. Besides, there are no unauthorized charges and foreign transaction fees. Users will also get coverage for accidents.

But, how will you be benefitted by promoting its service? Well, you will receive up to $200 per referred sale, which has made this program a lucrative one.

9. Indigo Platinum MasterCard

Commission: up to $35

Cookie: N/A

How to Join: Click here to join


Indigo Platinum Mastercard can be the best choice for those who have lower credit scores. People who got rejected by other credit card providers can apply for Indigo’s MasterCard and will be able to access their account from the PC or mobile after receiving the card.

Besides, this card comes with Chip Card Technology to ensure protection against fraudulence. 

As a blogger, joining its affiliate program will be a good choice since you will be able to sell it to most of your audiences, regardless of their credit score. The commission rate is up to $35 and you will also get other promotional materials.

10. Credit Assistance Network 

Commission: $1.25 per lead, $95 per sale

Cookie: 365 days

How to Join: Click here to join

Credit Assistance Network is the industry leader in credit card and credit repair systems. For years, the company has been helping users to solve complicated issues such as late payments, building credits, bankruptcy, and many more.

Apart from solving credit problems, it also offers professional advice on how to build changes. The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. 

The commission rate is pretty impressive. For every sale, you will end up with $95 in your pocket. Besides, you will earn $1.25 for every lead. Besides, you will get access to banners and other promotional materials.

11. Experian

Commission: up to $100

Cookie: 45 days

How to Join: Click here to join


Experian is one of the biggest providers of consumer credit score, online credit monitoring, credit reports, and identity theft protection. 

The company has a great reputation for delivering 20 million credit reports and offering more than 301 million members with credit monitoring products.

For the beginner affiliate marketers, promoting Experian can be a good option since you will receive everything to get started. Besides, you will earn up to $100 per sale within a 45-day referral period. 

Experian has its consumer in more than 80 countries, meaning that you can easily convince your readers regardless of their nationalities.

12. TransUnion 

Commission: $45 per sale

Cookie: 45 days

How to Join: Click here to join


TransUnion is a renowned credit reporting agency that helps its members monitor, understand, and protect their credit scores. Users can enjoy instant credit alerts, unlimited score access, as well as an amazing protective feature called Credit Lock Plus. 

The company is quite popular since they help users to understand and manage their personal information. 

You can sign up for its affiliate program via CJ Affiliate. However, the program is only available for the US-based publishers. It lets you earn $45 for every sale, which isn’t that bad considering its popularity.

13. Credit Karma

Commission: $0.25 per sign up

Cookie: 45 days

How to Join: Click here to join


Credit Karma is an online platform that offers some useful financial services, including credit cards, free credit scores, reports, without any hidden fee. 

Users can also get information from their website for free that can help them to get control of their credit. The website also provides advice on how to manage financial products, such as fixed-rate credit cards effectively.

Those who want to promote its service can join the affiliate program through Yazing. Although the commission is very low compared to other affiliate programs, you will get a high volume of conversion and monthly newsletter from Credit Karma with the latest information that will help to boost your sales.

14. Barclaycard

Commission: Varies

Cookie: N/A

How to Join: Click here to join


Barclaycard is a trusted name in the credit card industry. It comes with two amazing credit card offers with great features. Users can manage their account form both PC and mobile, can get alert about any transaction, and stay protected from frauds.

As an affiliate, you can promote any of Barclaycard’s two credit card services. The commission rate will vary based on the package you choose. 

However, considering the increasing popularity of Barclaycard, you can earn around $500-$1000 per month. Besides, you will be provided with marketing materials, tools, and support you need to run a successful campaign. 

15. Petal Visa Card

Commission: up to $36

Cookie: N/A 

How to Join: Click here to join


If you have audiences who have never used credit cards, you can offer them a Petal Visa Card. The service comes with some unique offers including getting a credit card with credit scores or security deposit, as well as cashback offer for up to 1.5%.

Anyone planning to get their first credit cards can opt for the Petal card. You can join its affiliate program via Impact Radius, which will give you up to $36 per confirmed sale.

16. CreditCardBroker.com

Commission: Varies

Cookie: N/A 

How to Join: Click here to join


CreditCardBroker.com comes with more than 25 financial products, including credit cards. 

Whether your audiences are looking for credit cards with extra security or not, you can promote its services to them. Its affiliate program offers some of the best commission around.

If you can make good sales, you can even earn as much as $325 per referred sale. However, you must have an established website to qualify for its affiliate programs. 

17. Credit Repair

Commission: $70

Cookie: 90 days

How to Join: Click here to join

Credit Repair is America’s one of the leading credit repair service providers. Your credit score is crucial to determine the interest rates you’re paying for your credit card. The platform has experts who use a 3-step process to make sure you get the correct credit score.

Besides, the company can help customers to meet their credit goals. You can join its affiliate program through CJ Affiliate.

The commission rate is quite standard for the industry, $70 per sale with a 90 days cookie period. You can combine it with other affiliate programs to run a successful financial blog. 

Affiliate Networks to Join

Apart from these individual affiliate programs, there are some reputed affiliate networks that offer numerous associates programs to their partners. As a publisher, you can also sign up for those networks and join some credit card affiliate programs from there.

Here are some of the affiliate networks you can join.

18. Commission Soup 

Commission: Varies

Cookie: Varies

How to Join: Click here to join


As an affiliate marketer, you may have heard about different affiliate networks such as FlexOffers, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, etc. But, there’s a possibility you don’t know about Commission Soup.

Being one of the leading CPA affiliate networks in the niche, Commission Soup lets you access to some of the popular credit card affiliate programs such as Credit One bank, American Express, Capital One, among others.

After the financial crash in 2008, most financial companies retired from running their own affiliate programs. Like other networks, Commission Soup acts as an intermediary for them.

Besides, the network lets you promote some secured credit cards such as Green Dot Primor Mastercard, which is particularly helpful since it has less competition.

Considering that it’s an affiliate network, the commission rate will vary. However, since it’s partnered with some of the leading credit card providers, you will surely enjoy a good commission and conversion rate for your site.

19. Bankrate Credit Cards

Commission: Varies

Cookie: Varies

How to Join: Click here to join

Bankrate is a leading credit card network that also operates as an affiliate for the card programs. Founded in 1976, the company started its journey as a publisher offering financial advice.

Bankrate is dedicated to helping bloggers and publishers in generating more traffic and revenue by promoting credit cards. Its affiliate program lets you promote major credit card providers such as American Express, Chase, Discover, Citi, among others.

Although the commission rate varies based on the program you choose,  considering the high commission rate of several credit card providers, there’s a high chance you will end up earning around $50-$200 per referred sale.

20. FlexOffers

Commission: Varies

Cookie: Varies

How to Join: Click here to join


FlexOffers is a popular affiliate network that works with some of the top brands across the globe. It offers solutions for affiliates and event advertisers.

Being one of the top affiliate network platforms, FlexOffers adds around 50 new affiliate programs on its website every day. The site has some of the best credit card affiliate programs from which you can choose one or more.

Signing up for FlexOffers can be a bit time-consuming. But once you’re done with your registration, you can easily join any affiliate program. It also offers several payment options, thus making your transaction easier and hasslefree. 

21. BankAffiliates.com

Commission: Varies

Cookie: Varies

How to Join: Click here to join

BankAffiliates is an affiliate network specially designed for financial services. The company specializes in performance marketing for insurance investment, business lending, etc.

Credit card companies can run their affiliate program through this network. One of the best parts of joining this network is its pay per call affiliate programs.

Affiliates will be able to earn extra money if their audiences directly call here to ask any question. It will also boost your conversion rates while letting you earn extra commission. You can also get help from its affiliate management to properly manage your campaign.

22. CJ Affiliate

Commission: Varies

Cookie: Varies

How to Join: Click here to join


Commission Junction, otherwise known as CJ Affiliate is another renowned affiliate marketing network that helps a number of companies to launch their associate programs.

With its highly capable management team, the company runs and manages several affiliate programs on behalf of those companies. It’s also a popular place for publishers who want to promote products of their niches.

The company is a part of the Alliance data System. You can join your desired credit card affiliate program easily if you have an account in this network. Apart from earning a good amount of commission, you will also get access to its innovative tools for reporting, tracking, and marketing.

23. ShareASale

Commission: Varies

Cookie: Varies

How to Join: Click here to join

Another popular affiliate network that has been in this business for the last 20 years. ShareASale deserves praise for the speed, accuracy, and efficiency it provides to its affiliate marketers. 

The company was acquired by Awin in 2017 so that the local publishers can enjoy international opportunities. It is partnered with several popular credit card providers that you can promote as an affiliate marketer.

The commission rate will vary depending on the service you choose to promote. Apart from that, you will get access to its incredible marketing tools that will make sure you can run the campaign smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Promoting a credit card provider isn’t an exciting thing to do. While it brings you a lot of money, you need to go through a hard competition to run a successful campaign.

Besides, when you start promoting this service, you will see there’s no particular credit card that you can say is best. Besides, you need to find out which audience needs a secure credit card and who needs air miles. 

As a financial blogger, if you’re thinking of joining some of the credit card affiliate programs, the above-mentioned list should help you to get started. If you don’t like any particular program, you can also join some networks that offer a number of affiliate programs to join.

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