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Call Center Executive (International)

OneLittleWeb is a digital marketing agency that helps SaaS and Enterprises scale organic traffic. We served over 800 global clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

Being in this business for 5+ years, we know that people like you, who worked for us, are the pillar behind our success. So, we think highly of our team members. Just as important as our business.

By fostering a collaborative environment that encourages open communication and teamwork, we create a culture of growth and success beyond our agency walls.

Our entrepreneurial company culture values integrity, teamwork, communication, and self-accountability.

If you align with our company culture and consider yourself obsessed with dreaming big, we are more than glad to offer you a place on our team.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?


Job Responsibilities:

Skills Required:

What you will get from us:

We don’t need someone who is exceptionally talented, rather we need someone who calls us their family and is ready to give it all in when the situation demands!

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