SEO Glossary: A List of 250+ Terms And Definitions For Digital Marketers [2023]

301 redirects, XML sitemap, canonical tags, and other SEO terms may be unfamiliar to you. But in the digital marketing era, these terms will save you from making bad decisions.

SEO Benefits of a Google My Business Page

Every day, billions and billions of people search into Google for different types of information, starting from a query about local pizza shops to the latest fashion trends and even

Secret to Outrank Your Competitors – Does the Number of Backlinks Matter?

If you’ve been in content marketing for a while, you know how crucial it is to get quality backlinks to rank higher on Google.  So, you launch an outreach campaign,

Secret to Link Building Success: 12 Types of Backlinks to Boost Your SEO

Link building has been one of the most important ranking factors since the beginning of Google.  However, a lot has changed over the decades, thanks to Google that has been

PR Link-Building: Infographic Campaign Earns Links from TechCrunch, PCmag, MSN, and TheWeek

Discover how our AI industry data analysis led to link placements and coverage on top media outlets including TechCrunch, PCmag, The Week, MSN, and 30+ others. Client: WriterBuddy is a

PR Campaign Case Study: 143k+ New SEO Traffic in < 30 Days!

Overview Our client, a local personal finance blog, had over 300k monthly organic traffic. With a strong pool of backlinks, high authority, and exciting content marketing, this blog was loved by its

On-Page SEO: An In-Depth Guide To Boost Website Ranking [2022 Update]

Got the XML site map right, the schema perfect, and the page load speed at its optimum but still can’t rank higher? Apply on-page SEO strategies to make a visible

Noopener Noreferrer Nofollow: Do They Have an Impact on SEO and Site Ranking?

Giving it your all on SEO but not sure how it can be affected by noopener noreferrer nofollow HTML attributes? Here’s what you should know! Whether you’re a technical person

NoFollow, UGC and Sponsored Rel Tags: Things You Need to Know

If you’ve been managing a website for long, you already know that SEO changes all the time. Sometimes, the change is minor while some changes can give a shakeup to

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