22 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs to Try in 2022

Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate marketer, sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right niche. Opting for something trendy may let you earn a lot of money within a short time, but there’s a risk. You may have to start over with something new when the trend is gone. 

That’s why it’s crucial to go for a niche that is not only popular but also evergreen. Promoting such companies may not help you to earn a lot overnight, but it will make sure you can thrive for a longer period.

You must be wondering if there’s any category that may never lose its glory. If you look around yourself carefully, you will see the makeup and beauty industry is quite impermeable to a recession, regardless of war and feminine. 

Considering this fact, joining a beauty affiliate program can be a great choice if you’re also interested in this niche. But, which program should you join?

This article looks into 22 best affiliate programs that are worth trying for. 

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Why Beauty Affiliate is Popular

It’s quite easy to understand why beauty affiliate is one of the most popular niches among the website owners or publishers. You will hardly find a girl who doesn’t love makeup or takes care of her hair and skin. 

Apart from girls, boys are also getting interested in beauty industries these days. They are also grooming themselves with different skincare products, hair gel, perfumes, etc. 

This is one of the main reasons why beauty affiliate programs are getting better with time. In fact, in 2015, around $46.2 billion worth of beauty products were sold, which is slated to rise to $51.8 billion by 2020.

Even if you don’t wear makeup, there’s a lot of people who will spend a massive amount of money on such products. Promoting them on your website will not only help you to earn money but also improve your site’s traffic.

Top 22 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

Starting from the high-end to drugstore brand, most of the companies now have their own beauty affiliate programs. Here are 22 of the best beauty affiliate programs that you can promote in your blog.

1. Stila Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Commission: 6%

Cookie: 60 days

URL: Stila Cosmetics affiliate page

Stila Cosmetics is a renowned makeup manufacturing company that was founded by Jeanine Lobell, a celebrity makeup artist.

The company is quite popular among women due to its wide range of products such as eyeliners, best selling blushes, and shimmering lipsticks.

In 2009, Stila Cosmetics was relaunched with a special focus on e-commerce and affiliate marketing. You can join their affiliate program via Viglink or CJ Affiliate. Promoting this brand can help you attract more audiences since it offers free shipping for every order over $50.

2. SunDaily Skincare Affiliate Program

Commission: $50 per sale

Cookie: 15 days

URL: SunDaily Skincare affiliate Page

SunDaily affiliate program can be an excellent choice to join if you want your audiences to have healthy skin and hair from inside.

Unlike some other brands that make products mostly for topical applications, SunDaily manufactures ingestible skincare products, such as gummy.

By joining their affiliate program, you will get a $50 commission for every referred sale. Since the products are quite unique, your audiences may become more interested in purchasing from them.

3. Yves Rocher Makeup Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: Yves Rocher Makeup affiliate page


You must’ve heard about Yves Rocher even if you’re not into makeup. Since 1959 the brand has been quite famous due to the use of natural ingredients while producing makeup and skincare products.

Being a cosmetic empire around the world, Yves Rocher still keeps the price of the skincare products in an affordable range, making the brand quite famous among the people.

The company has an affiliate program that offers a  lucrative amount of commission per sale. Besides, it will be easier for you to make a good amount of sales due to the incredible popularity of this brand.

4. Spencer Barnes LA Makeup Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: Spencer Barnes LA Makeup affiliate Page

The brand is named after its founder Spencer Barnes, who is a celebrity makeup artist. It’s a luxury cosmetics brand with a number of famous people as clients such as Meghan Markle and Mila Kunis.

Spencer Barnes is a renowned brand among celebrities for the wide range of cosmetics that provide surgery like results without making you go under the syringe. 

The company provides its affiliate marketer with an 8% commission per sale. It may seem pretty low but you can actually earn a lot since the consumers tend to spend a lot when they visit its website.

5. Olive Young Health and Beauty Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: OLIVE YOUNG affiliate page

If you’re familiar with the recent makeup and skincare trend, you may already know about K-beauty. It’s a new and popular trend in the beauty industry that involves skincare with products made in Korea.

K-beauty is a profitable niche to promote considering its worth (almost $13 billion per year). You can actually make a lot of money if you can attract the right audiences.

The company has an active affiliate program since 2019 and is offering a 10% commission per referred sale, which is industry standard. Besides, the company offers discounts and sales regularly, which can eventually increase the sale through your website.

6. Elizabeth Arden Makeup & Skincare Affiliate Program

Commission: 9%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: Elizabeth Arden affiliate page


This world-famous brand doesn’t really need an introduction, especially if you have a little bit of idea about the makeup industry.

Started as a beauty salon on Fifth Avenue, Newyork City in 1910, Elizabeth Arden has become the synonym of total beauty since then. The brand promotes high-quality skincare products and cosmetics, which is another reason why their affiliate program is famous.

As an affiliate marketer, you will receive a 9% commission, plus a chance of getting multiple commissions from repeat sales within the referral period.

7. Alpyn Beauty Affiliate Program

Commission: 25%

Cookie: 90 days

URL: Alpyn Beauty affiliate page

Another luxury skincare brand that is known for environmentally friendly products. Their products are based on wild-crafted alpine botanicals that are not only natural but also sustainable.

If you want to promote makeups that are 100% environment-friendly, joining Alpyn Beauty’s affiliate program can be a good idea. 

The best part of this affiliate program is that you will receive a 25% commission for every referred sale, which is pretty high. Considering the fact that most of their products are quite expensive, there’s a high chance for you to earn a good amount of money.

8. XLASH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: XLASH Cosmetics affiliate page

XLASH works with a very unique yet popular niche or skincare regime, eyelash enhancing. Since 2011, the company has been gaining the trust and love of a number of customers with its amazing products.

XLASH’s eyelash enhancing serums are world-famous since they use skin-friendly ingredients. All their products are chemical-free and cruelty-free. 

You can join their affiliate program using your ShareSale account. The program offers a 15% commission with 30 days of referral period. Besides, it will help your website to become popular for promoting unique products.

9. Avon Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie: up to 45 days

URL: Avon Cosmetics affiliate page

Avon is an extremely popular skincare brand that has been successfully making its consumers satisfied for more than a century. However, rather than online selling, the company is mostly popular for its door-to-door selling. 

You can join Avon’s affiliate program through CJ Affiliate network. The commission rate is 10%, which is pretty decent.

However, the company still recruits a number of social selling representatives for their door-to-door sales, meaning that you have to work a bit hard and smartly to get consumers online.

10. Tula Skincare Probiotic Skin Care Products Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 90 days

URL: Tula affiliate page

If your blog is about cruelty-free cosmetics, then you may want to promote Tula’s skincare products. The company is founded by a doctor named Roshini Raj who makes sure the products don’t contain any harmful additives and chemicals.

Most of Tula’s skincare products are made from rice protein, ceramides, probiotics, and other skin-friendly ingredients, which is why the brand is quite famous.

Apart from popularity, the commission you will get for each referred sale is another reason why you should join this affiliate program. Getting 20% commission is surely quite above the industry standard and it will also increase the traffic to your site.

11. Madison Reed Affiliate Program

Commission: $10

Cookie: 30 days

URL: Madison Reed affiliate page

Madison Reed is an American brand, famous for hair care and coloring products. It comes with a wide range of hair colors and has a partnership with Sephora, Ulta, and QVC.

As an affiliate marketer, you will receive a $10 bonus for each new referral. However, if you join via Vignink you will get a 20% commission for each referred sale, which is also quite good. 

You may be thinking of how profitable it would be to promote a niche that only makes hair color products. Considering the demand of hair care and coloring products among people (both male and female), promoting this company won’t be a bad idea.

12. Charlotte Tilbury Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: Charlotte Tilbury affiliate page

Anyone passionate about makeup knows Charlotte Tilbury and her famous beauty products. Starting from the ramp models to the celebrities on the red carpet, almost everyone is a fan of this luxury brand.

Apart from showing her transformational magic with her incredible makeup tricks, Charlotte Tilbury has also come up with an affiliate program that allows you to promote her products in your blog.

The commission rate isn’t very lucrative compared to other brands but considering its popularity you can understand how popular your site can become once you start promoting this brand.

13. Sephora Affiliate Program

Commission: 5% – 10%

Cookie: 1 day

URL: Sephora affiliate page


Sephora is a popular beauty store that has a number of stores around the world. With around 300 brands, the French beauty store has always something to offer for everyone, whether they are high-end or drugstore cosmetics fans.

Sephora affiliate program lets your audiences access nearly 13000 premium quality products from 200 brands. The commission may vary from 5-10% based on the products you can sell.

The cookie period is only 1 day, but you can still make a lot of sales since there’s a lot of people who love to purchase from Sephora.

14. Coastal Scents Affiliate Program 

Commission: 7%

Cookie: 45 days

URL: Coastal Scents affiliate page

Coastal Scents is a premier cosmetics brand that is famous for offering high-quality makeups at an affordable price. Founded in 2005, the brand now has more than 800 beauty products, suitable for most skin tones and textures.

The company has an affiliate program that is completely free to join. Since your audiences can get access to its quality products at a low price, chances that you will earn a huge amount of money regardless of its low commission rate.

Besides, as an affiliate marketer, you will have access to its banners, sales reports, payment history, and even real-time traffic statistics.

15. MAC Affiliate Program

Commission: 4%

Cookie: 7 days

URL: MAC affiliate page


You cannot be considered as a makeup fan if you don’t know about MAC Cosmetics. Its iconic Ruby Woo is still one of the best selling lipsticks of all time since the production. 

This world-leading professional makeup brand offers a wide range of products for people of all races, ages, and genders. Its affiliate program offers a 4% commission to the publishers.

Besides, your audiences will enjoy free shipping, several discounts, and coupons when they make purchases using the link from your site. Its secure payment process makes this affiliate program quite popular among beauty bloggers. 

16. Colorescience Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5%

Cookie: N/A

URL: Colorescience affiliate page

Colorescience is a luxury cosmetics brand famous for both makeup and skincare products. Its suncare products are quite famous and even recommended by the dermatologists.

Its affiliate program offers a 5% commission to the publishers. Your readers can enjoy free shipping and samples for most purchases made through your site. 

And the best part is, you can join its affiliate program directly from the website, meaning that you don’t need to register into any affiliate network.

17. Clinique Affiliate Program

Commission: up to 8%

Cookie: 7 days

URL: Clinique affiliate page

Clinique is a popular American brand that offers a wide range of skincare, makeups, and even perfumes. Founded as a subsidiary of Estee Lauder Companies in 1968, Clinique is now offering incredible products for both men and women.

The company has an affiliate program that offers up to 8% commission if you join via Viglink. It ensures a secured payment option, meaning that it’s safe to promote this brand. 

Since it provides discounts to students, you may get a huge response in your website if your target audiences are young adults.

18. Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program

Commission: 1-5%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: Ulta Beauty affiliate page

A USA-based beauty product store, Ulta Beauty offers skin-care and cosmetics from more than 500 established brands. It has nearly 1196 stores across the nations where you can find all your necessary and luxury beauty items.

The company has an affiliate program that is managed by Impact Radius. Once you join, you can enjoy its commission per sales, as well as some promotional offers.

The commission is quite low compared to other beauty affiliate programs. However, you can still earn a good fortune since the brand is quite popular.

19. Violet Grey Affiliate Program

Commission: 12%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: Violet Grey affiliate page

Violet Grey is a prestigious beauty company that comes with a collection of numerous brands promoted by top Hollywood celebrities. Customers can choose their favorite from more than 100 luxury brands it offers.

The company runs an affiliate program with the help of CJ Affiliate, a renowned affiliate network. As a publisher, you will receive a 12% commission with 30-days cookie by promoting key items via their product data feed.

The program also offers various deals, coupons, special affiliate offers, thus making is one of the best choices for affiliate marketers.

20. Style Korean Affiliate Program

Commission: 7%

Cookie: 7 days

URL: Style Korean affiliate page

As the name suggests, the company has been selling Korean cosmetics and skincare products since 2012. Consumers can choose from more than 80 different brands from skincare to mineral makeups and hair care products. 

Style Korean offers an affiliate program that lets you earn a 7% commission for every referred sale through your blog. The amount is pretty decent and since Korean beauty has been a popular niche for the last couple of years, joining this affiliate program can be beneficial for your site.

21. Makeup Geek Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie: 15 days

URL: Makeup Geek affiliate page

If you want your audiences to learn some easy and fun makeup techniques while purchasing products, then referring them to Makeup Geek’s website would be one of the best ideas.

The brand offers a number of video tutorials on its website that help enhance the users’ makeup skills. As a publisher, you can easily join its affiliate program directly from its website and earn 15% of commission with a 15 days referral period.

22. Erno Laszlo Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 30 days

URL: Erno Lazlo affiliate page

Erno Lazlo is an international skincare brand that produces premium-quality products. Founded in 1927, the brand is quite famous for solving several skin problems of famous personalities around the world.

The company offers an affiliate program that is managed by CJ Affiliate. You can join easily if you have an account in this affiliate network. The commission rate is 10%, which is an industry-standard.

If your blog has a category addressing different skin issues, promoting this brand can help you attract a large number of audiences. It will also help your audiences to get world-class skin treatment through your website.

Final Thoughts

The affiliate program is a smart way to earn a decent amount of fortune through your blog, especially when you’re working with an evergreen niche like beauty and makeup.

Besides, makeup is a niche where you can easily understand which brand should be a good fit for you. For example, considering the rising awareness of environmentalists, promoting a brand that offers vegan-friendly, cruelty-free products will always be a good idea.

While you can join most of the beauty affiliate programs via in-house programs or affiliate networks, going for the first option is always better since it’s easier to find and join. 

Also, while promoting a brand, don’t forget to check its brand authority and influence. And, don’t forget to verify the offers and prices you’re going to get after every sale so that no one can trick you.

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