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Discover how our AI industry data analysis led to link placements and coverage on top media outlets including TechCrunch, PCmag, The Week, MSN, and 30+ others.


WriterBuddy is a forward-thinking company that leverages AI to improve the writing experience for individuals and businesses alike. 

They’ve got a new website and want to rank higher on Google for search terms related to writing tools, like Instagram Caption Generator, Hook Generator, and Blog Ideas Generator. That’s where we come in.

We developed a comprehensive digital PR strategy that focused on building high-quality backlinks and boosting search rankings. The key component of this strategy was a creative content campaign in the form of an infographic that explored the Global Investment Report on the AI Industry for 2021-2023.

Thanks to our efforts, the campaign earned coverage and do-follow links from top-tier media outlets such as TechCrunch, PCmag, The Week, MSN, and more than 30 others. Take a look at some of the high-quality PR links we have secured:

Coverage DR Backlink URL

Strategy: Breakdown of the Digital PR Campaign

STEP 1.1: Brainstorm the Topic

The world of AI is heating up, with major players like OpenAI and Google making big steps in the industry. But who else is in the game, and what are they getting from investors? Our team set out to explore this question by searching for AI-related studies, reports, and whitepapers. 

Additionally, we paid close attention to tech journalism to identify a knowledge gap in the AI industry.

Based on our findings, we crafted a set of questions to investigate the state of AI investments, including:

STEP 1.2: Data-Driven Research Studies

To answer these questions, we analyzed over 10,000 AI companies and their funding data between 2015 and 2023. We collected data from sources like CrunchBase, NetBase Quid, S&P Capital IQ, and NFX.

We then presented our findings in the form of an infographic. When creating the infographic, we carefully considered design elements like color, data visualization, and branding to ensure that it effectively communicates the intended message to the target audience in an engaging and visually appealing way. The following the the Infographic we created for 

[Photo of the AI Investment Infographic for WriterBuddy.]

Here’s the published study on WriterBuddy Blog: [Link to the study]

STEP 3: Identifying Relevant Journalists

We used media database tools to identify and compile a list of relevant journalists covering the AI and tech industry. We looked for journalists who have previously covered AI technology, data analytics, and funding rounds.

STEP 4: Crafting a Pitch and Outreach

Once we have identified the relevant journalists, we crafted a pitch that clearly explained the study, our findings, and why it was relevant to their audience. We personalized the pitch for each journalist, highlighting their previous work in this area and explaining why we thought our story would be of interest to them.



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