ThinkGeek Affiliate Review – A Great Way to Attract The Nerds

ThinkGeek Affiliate Review

The increasing popularity of superhero movies, anime, and gaming is playing a big role in the rise of the geek culture. People are getting more into watching sci-fi movies, collecting action figures and accessories, attending the comic con, and whatnot.

To fulfill the demand of tech enthusiasts, several companies are now manufacturing gears, toys, apparel, etc. that will unleash your inner child. 

If you’re a tech blogger, promoting those cool products can be a great way to attract massive traffic to your website. You will be able to attract more audiences with the same mindset as you.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way that helps publishers and bloggers to earn a significant amount of money by promoting related products through their websites. 

While there are so many affiliate programs available, joining the ThinkGeek affiliate program can be a good choice for you to attract the nerds.

ThinkGeek: Company Details, History & Products

ThinkGeek is an American retailer that is obsessed with manufacturing and sharing authentic and unique products that help inspire and fuel the geek core. 

Founded in 1999 by Jen Frazier, Scott Smith, Jon Sime, and Willie Vadnais, TechGeek was initially a side project. Within years, it became a successful retailer of products related to pop culture.

In 2015. It was acquired by GameStop, a popular video game retail chain, and opened its first physical store in Florida. 

Since 2019, ThinkGeek has been continuing its e-commerce operations into a “curated selection” of GameStop’s online operations. 

The store has a wide collection of several cool tech products. People can purchase from a range of apparel, electronics & gadgets, functional and fun home & office decor, collectibles, outdoor and survival gear, among others.

ThinkGeek Affiliate Review: Things You Need to Know 

For the nerds who want to start their career as affiliate marketers, ThinkGeek launched an affiliate program that grants your web traffic access to its website. 

The associate program is hosted by CJ Affiliate, a leading affiliate network. If you have access to CJ’s network, you can easily join this program. However, you can also join via Flexoffers, Viglink, or Skimlinks based on your preference.

If you’re running a tech blog, you can promote this affiliate program to the potential customers who are passionate about classic sci-fi films and TV shows, not-so-subtle sarcasm, and unique gifts for their office and home.

You will be able to do affiliate marketing for ThinkGeek via blogs, emails, link text, but not via social media. It will give you a 4%-9% commission for every sale made through your blog.

Benefits You Can Get

Joining an affiliate program can be extremely beneficial to you, regardless of your niche. ThinkGeek affiliate program will not only increase the sale of its products but also benefit you in various ways.

Chance to Earn Great Commission

ThinkGeek offers a certain amount of commission for every purchase made through your website. Considering the affiliate network you choose to sign up for this program, the commission rate may vary.

This is particularly helpful for those who want to make money through their blogs. Since geek lovers tend to spend a lot of money on these kinds of stuff, chances are they will end up buying a lot of things by clicking through your blog, allowing you to get a decent commission.

Increase Your Website Traffic

Promoting a company whose products match your niche can significantly increase the traffic of your website. Since ThinkGeek has a wide range of products, starting from toys to apparel, it can fulfill the demand of almost every customer. 

Besides, not everyone who loves tech toys, action figures, or cool t-shirts is interested in reading a blog. 

However, they might end up visiting your website just to purchase those products. And if they love those products, they will visit your website again to learn about new products, which will eventually increase your popularity and traffic.

Chance to Upgrade Your Site

Although you’re running a tech blog, your site may not cover all the categories people usually look for. 


While promoting ThinkGeek’s products, you will find a number of unique stuff that will inspire you to open a new category in your blog and promote that particular product.

By opening a new category for your blog, you will be able to attract new audiences that will eventually increase the amount of commission you get.

Can Promote Fun & Appealing Products

ThinkGeek is heaven for geek lovers, with its vast collections of toys, clothes, super cute action figures, and many more. The company even has themed products from some of the renowned entertainment franchises.


Whether your audiences are a fan of zombies, superheroes, video games, or something else, there’s always something fun for them which you can promote through your website.

Does It Have Any Downside?

Although this affiliate program is a great initiative to make money through your blog, it does have some limitations. Although these are minor flaws, fixing them can improve the overall performance significantly.

No Landing Page

You may already know that ThinkGeek has shut down its online store and integrated it with GameStop’s online operations. This is particularly bad for a successful affiliate program since it doesn’t have its own landing page for this program. 

Although GameStop has its own affiliate landing page, this may not help you promote ThinkGeek’s products.

You can join their affiliate program via CJ Affiliate, Flexoffers, Skimlinks, as well as Viglink. But, how are you supposed to know about this program if you have no access to these affiliate networks?

Complex Sign Up Process

Since you cannot directly join this affiliate program from ThinkGeek’s website, you have to rely on the affiliate network.

Joining via these networks is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of information to sign up. This is the reason most new affiliate marketers lose interest in such programs and the company loses its potential promoters.

Procedures to Join ThinkGeek Affiliate Program

Joining the ThinkGeek affiliate program is entirely free. It isn’t difficult but a bit of a time-consuming process. 

First, you need to sign up in any of the affiliate networks that are hosting this program. You need to provide your name, email id, address, business details for the registration.

Depending on which platform you’re using, you may have to provide your traffic sources as well. Once you’re done with all these procedures, you need to verify your email to complete the registration and join the program.

Final Thoughts

ThinkGeek’s items are designed to grab the attention of those pop-culture fans who never knew they even wanted that particular product, but now they can’t even live without it.

Promoting its cool and unique products can help you introduce your blog to a wide array of new audiences, whose mentality matches yours. If you want to make your tech blog a successful one, joining the TechGeek affiliate program can be a wise decision.

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