The Ultimate 25-Step SEO Checklist

Ever feel like SEO is a puzzle you can’t quite solve?

I’ve been there. After 10 years in the trenches, helping over 1,000 clients and attracting billions of traffic, I’ve cracked it.

Now, I’m handing over the map to the treasure – my 25-Step SEO Mastery Checklist.

The best part? It’s absolutely FREE.

by Sujan Sarkar (Author)


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Inside the Checklist:

  • The SEO Foundation: Google tools setup, HTTPS, and getting your site structure just right.
  • Keyword Research: From identifying seeds to striking gold with the right tools and tactics.
  • Content Creation: Write not just to rank, but to engage and convert.
  • Publishing best practices: SEO-friendly URLs, titles that pop, and meta descriptions that sell.
  • Technical Tune-up: Speed, mobile-friendliness, and the nitty-gritty that boosts your site.
  • Link-Building: Guest posts, irresistible content, and smart internal linking strategies.

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