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WritterBuddy Ahrefs Report

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So then, how was our client?

They were in pretty bad shape in the business, with their future clouded with uncertainty. You see, they got struck really hard by lightning when ChatGPT,, Jasper, and others moved before they did.

It was almost a DOOMSDAY!

They needed a savior, and thus, we were there just in time!


Their tool offered a great service, so that was a plus.

Their traffic? Their blog? Any content for SEO? Nayyy. BIG ZERO.

But this company had futuristic goals, and we knew they would recover quickly. So we decided to provide with the ‘push’ they craved.

These were their key objectives:

  • To create an SEO advantage early in their business.
  • Rank for many fairly competitive (BOFU) keywords, e.g., acronym generator, elevator pitch generator, sentence rewriter, hook generator, Instagram caption generator, etc.
  • See the results ASAP to generate an ROI and use the profits to reinvest in their business.

So, this AI writing tool joined forces with us. Their Organic traffic and leads rose significantly.

And revenue tripled within just 90 days.

How about you Google ‘sentence rewriter’ and check their ranking for this keyword? For some company you don’t know about, isn’t that crazy?

Wait, wait, don’t go. (I want you to read this full case study.) Check the SERP position below.

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How about we look at the client’s SEO (more) problems?

  • Having ZERO authority in the eyes of Google as they had a newly registered domain.
  • Having well-established players such as Copyai, Jasper, Writesonic, etc., as their competitors.
  • Trying to rank for buyer-intent keywords that list online writing tools, not blog posts. So, there wasn’t any way to improve the “Content Quality” in this case.
  • Targeting fairly competitive keywords (but not having any authority).


Though not an easy task, our process enables us to quickly tap into top news outlets and publishers – as you’ll see in just a moment.

Hefty problems require hefty solutions!

Not just any SEO would rank them so fast as their new site had zero authority. Our clients dreamt (with our help) of beating authoritative players in their niche with a zero-authority site. And for that, I salute them!

So, we suggested they try to get a DR boost (obviously) to make their site look authoritative in Google’s eye. 

As their technical SEO was pretty solid, and we couldn’t work on improving content – We suggested our PR backlink package that works magically fast to increase authority and rankings.

Spoiler Alert: We managed to secure DR 70+ Links for an average price of $227 per link (for the client). This is less than Ahrefs’ estimate of the “average backlink,” and ours were DR 70+, including TechCrunch, PCMag, MSN, The Week, and more!

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Check out the results!

Well, you know it.

I strategically put results everywhere in this case study. (haha)

So, for this section, you only get the overview.

Take a look at some of the globally recognized PR links we have secured:

Domain traffic
Backlink URL
Domain traffic
Backlink URL

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  • The campaign earned contextual links from 44+ publications.
  • The DR increased from ZERO to 24 within 10 days.
  • The website saw an increase of 113k+ monthly organic traffic in less than 90 days, which was previously non-existent. The website is now ranking for over 7k keywords.

World-class content teamed up with top-notch outreach did the trick!

We analyzed the client’s niche and developed a comprehensive digital PR strategy. It focused on building high-quality contextual backlinks to boost search rankings. The key component of this strategy was a creative content campaign in the form of an infographic that explored the Global Investment Report on the AI Industry for 2021-2023.

Strategy: Breakdown of the digital PR campaign

Step 1: Brainstorming the topic

As an AI tool, WriterBuddy was the perfect source to develop industry AI reports or stats.

Our team went through AI-related studies, whitepapers, and reports. In addition, we paid close attention to tech journalism to identify a knowledge gap in the AI industry.

Based on our research, we crafted a set of questions to investigate the state of AI investments.

The AI wave has Reporters itching to cover AI-related topics.  But they often lack data, resources, and credible sources.

We saw this as an opportunity for us to create a world-class content piece with an infographic that journalists want to quote and use in their articles.

Step 2: Data-driven research studies

We researched over 10,000 AI companies and their funding data between 2015 and 2023. We sourced these data from trusted sources such as CrunchBase, NetBase Quid, S&P Capital IQ, and NFX.

Then, we presented our findings in the form of an outstanding infographic.

The infographic that we created for WriterBuddy

You can check out the full report here at:

Want similar content written for your website?

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Step 3: Identifying relevant journalists

We used media database tools to identify and compile a list of relevant journalists covering the AI and tech industry. We looked for journalists who have previously covered AI technology, data analytics, and funding rounds.

Step 4: Crafting a pitch and outreach

Once we had a list of industry journalists, we crafted a clear pitch that explained the study, our findings, and why it was relevant to their audience. We personalized the pitch for each journalist, highlighting their previous work in this area and explaining why we thought our story would interest them.

If you want to build the best links in the world, try to answer this question:  “How to offer so much value that the journalist will die to link to you?” 

After execution, the results started to kick in. We continued to monitor results, and as we had new data daily, we continued optimizing our email campaign by re-using elements that got the most responses.

This process is all yours if…

You believe organic traffic increases revenue (statistics would support this statement!), SEO can be FAST if you secure the right backlinks, authority is equally important as high-quality, relevant content! Sold yet?

Let’s wrap up for now! (Until another day, with another success story)

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