23 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs You Must Join in 2022

Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

Staying fit has become one of the most popular trends in recent years, particularly for the last few months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are not only staying home and maintaining social distance they are also realizing the importance of staying fit & healthy.

This could be a great chance for you to make some extra money if you’re a blogger. 

But how are you going to do that? The answer is quite simple –  by joining one or more fitness affiliate programs.

Considering people’s awareness of fitness, most relevant businesses are now producing several tools, health drinks, apparel, etc. Promoting such products through your website will help people make smart and healthy purchasing choices while allowing you to earn a good amount of fortune.

Top 23 Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2022

Since there are a lot of affiliate programs in the fitness niche, it can be challenging to decide which one to go for. 

Followings are some of the best fitness affiliate programs for you to try. You can join some programs directly from their websites, while some require you to sign up with a platform like CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Rakuten, etc. 

1. All Volleyball Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 


All Volleyball is a leading online store for products, accessories, and apparel for, as you can guess – volleyball. It has been working with renowned brands like Adidas, ASICS, Mikasa, Nfinity, and many more.

All Volleyball runs its affiliate program via ShareASale, which will give you 5% or $30 on sales above $250. 

You might be thinking about why you should join an associate program that will give you only 5%. Considering the popularity of this website and this particular game, you won’t regret promoting its products.

Besides, as an affiliate, you will be able to promote around 22k products, which will surely give you a chance to make better sales.

2. IdealFit Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 


Would you like to promote women empowerment while inspiring everyone to stay fit? Then we have the right affiliate program for you.

IdealFit is the USA’s one of the leading women’s health and fitness brands. With the primary focus on empowering women, the brand comes with different paid and free training programs, apart from its amazing products.

If your blog is about healthy foods and nutrition, then promoting this website would be a great idea. 

By joining its affiliate program, you will be able to promote its wide range of protein shakes and BCAA supplements through your blog. This website also has a good collection of women’s fitness apparel including leggings, tops, and sports bras.

As an affiliate, you will receive an 8% commission for every referred sale. The amount is actually not bad since your audiences can buy a variety of products and let you earn money for anything they buy.

3. Titan Fitness Affiliate Program

Commission: 4-5%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 

While you’ve got a number of fitness enthusiasts as your audiences, some of them may want to lift heavy, punch heavy, or even swing heavy things.

Titan Fitness loves these types of people and sells a wide range of products that will attract them. Starting from free weights to weight sacks and boxing equipment, almost everything is available on its website and at an affordable price.

If you have an account in CJ Affiliate, you can easily join its affiliate program. The commission is 4-5%, which is quite low. But considering the niche, this is quite normal.

However, you will get unlimited referrals within a 30 days cookie period. This program is pretty useful if you combine it with other affiliate programs.

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4. National Academy of Sports Medicine Affiliate Program

Commission: $25

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 


Not everyone from your potential audience wants to become fit and healthy. Some of them are already quite fit and looking forward to helping others. In that case, the National Academy for Sports Medicine is the best offer you have for them. 

Unlike other fitness brands that usually sell fitness tools and apparel, NASM provides certification on fitness training on various qualifications such as corrective exercise, certified trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, among others.

The company runs its associate program through CJ Affiliate and offers its affiliates $25 per referred sale. You will also get access to its text links and ready-to-use banners for a smooth promotion.

5. Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join


Those who have some quality tools for exercise at their home know about Horizon Fitness. The company wants to make sure you can exercise at your utmost comfort. That’s why its tools are designed to fit your body to make sure you can move naturally while working out.

Joining its affiliate program is free and quite easy. You will earn an 8% commission every fitness order. It may sound a bit less. But its average order side usually starts from $800, meaning that you will earn a fairly decent amount per referred sale.

Besides, you will be in touch with its dedicated affiliate team and resources so that you can run the promotion without any hassle.

6. Monkii Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 


Monkii is specialized in TRX systems that you can usually find in a gym. However, the best part of its products is they are portable and extremely easy to use, meaning that you can create your own gym at home.

Monkii’s exercise tools are specially designed for those people who travel a lot. Since the products are portable, you can take them with you anywhere you want.

Its affiliate program is managed by Rakuten Advertising. You will receive an 8% commission with a 30-days cookie. This program is best suited to be run along with other programs on your website.

7. Jump Sport Affiliate Program

Commission: 4% 

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join  


Jump Sport believes in safety while having fun. That’s why its trampolines come with that thing in mind. Since 1995, this brand is responsible for manufacturing safety for the trampoline.

Trampoline is one of the most effective and fun ways to do exercise at your home or backyard. Starting from kids to adults, everyone can use this equipment. 

You can join this affiliate program if you have an account in ShareASale. As a general affiliate, you will earn a 4% commission on each sale. However, if you’re a fitness professional, you may end up having an 8% commission on new and repeat purchases.

8. Hickies Lace System Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% (general), 25% (new customer)

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join


If you’re tired of tying your shoelace, Hickies has got your back. The company’s shoelaces are something straight from the future. 

Made from durable thermoplastic elastomer, Hickies laces can save you from tying your laces again and again. And the best part is, they are suitable for any shoe with eyelets.

Its affiliate program is one of the most lucrative available in the market. It allows you to earn a 25% commission on new customer order and a 20% commission after that. 

If your audiences love to style while staying fit, this program is the best fit for you.

9. Reebok Fitness Affiliate Program

Commission: up to 7%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 

Image Credit: Unsplash

Whether you’re into fitness or not, you know Reebok. This American fitness brand specializes in fitness shoes and clothing. Although its first running shoes were designed for the Olympic runners, now they have options for every fitness enthusiast out there.

Reebok manages its affiliate program via ShareASale. As an affiliate marketer, you will earn up to 7% commission. 

You may not find the offer quite lucrative. But considering Reebok’s popularity, there’s a high chance that you will end up making huge sales.

10. Gene Food Affiliate Program

Commission: $20

Cookie: 90 days

How to join: Click here to join 


Fitness is not only about how much exercise you do, but it’s also about what you eat. That’s why Gene Food comes up with the types of foods that match your DNA.

It’s important to follow a balanced diet to stay fit, instead of bouncing between fad diets. Gene Food offers a custom nutrition plan using your raw genetic data.

This is kind of a unique service that your audience may find interesting to try. If your blog is about fitness and nutrition, this affiliate program can be a perfect choice for you.

The benefits you will get is pretty impressive. It will give you $20 for each sale with a 90-days cookie period. 

11. LifeSpan Fitness Affiliate Program

Commission: 6%

Cookie: N/A

How to join: Click here to join 


Lifespan Fitness offers a wide range of workout equipment, suitable for both gym and home. The company also has some amazing workplace-specific, exercise equipment.

Founded in 2001, the brand has been working to provide solutions designed uniquely for the home, workplace, gym, and everywhere in between. 

LifeSpan Fitness affiliate program offers a 6% commission for every referred sale. While it looks a bit low, its high priced products ensure a great earning potential through your blog.

12. Nike Affiliate Program

Commission: up to 11%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join  


Nike is a world-famous brand that offers sports shoes and apparel for men, women, and children. Founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, the company has been producing quality products to help people become fit and more productive.

To join its affiliate program, you need to sign up through Awin. you will be able to wear its wide range of products through your blog.

You will receive an 11% commission for each sale, which is quite an industry standard. Its category-specific banners will help you promote certain products.

13. TRX Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 

TRX is known for its innovative products such as training gear, apparel, and accessories. Its workout equipment can be used anywhere you go, both indoors and outdoors.

The brand also offers professional training that will make you able to teach others as well. 

Its affiliate program offers a 10% commission for each referred sale. This program is suitable for those blogs that focus on unique fitness training.

14. Under Armour Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 

Under Armour is one of the trendiest apparel brands that work for the support and betterment of athletes of all kinds. Each of its products comes with a unique feature that does something for you, apart from just make you look good.

If you don’t get the point, do research on its product. You will be surprised to find out how its shoe can provide you support or the t-shirt can keep you cool. 

Under Armour’s associate program is managed by Awin, a renowned affiliate network. While the commission is only 5%, the opportunity to partner with such a popular brand surely worths the try.

15. Body Spartan Fitness Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 45 days

How to join: Click here to join 

Body Spartan is a renowned name for those who want to stay fit and bulk up. It offers intense workout programs that will train you to stay in shape regardless of your gender and age.

Besides, the brand also offers various nutrition plans and supplements to make sure you’re on a balanced and healthy diet. The training program it offers can be ranged from 28 days to 12 weeks based on its intensity. 

As an affiliate marketer, you will be offered a 10% commission and a 45-days cookie period. Joining this program can be a wise decision since it helps your audiences see the results of their efforts on fitness.

16. Evolve Fitwear Affiliate Program

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join

Evolve Fitwear is one of the most trusted online stores for workout apparel and activewear. For more than ten years, the company has been providing branded, quality apparel to its users, making them happy and satisfied.

Since it doesn’t charge any tax, people love to buy products from Evolve Fitwear. It has around 50 brands in stock, offering its customers the convenience to find everything in one place.

The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale that will give you up to 10% commission for every referred sale. Your readers will also get the chance to shop all their favorite products at once since it offers so many brands. 

17. Gainz Box Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 

For the fitness freaks out there, Gainz Box offers a monthly subscription box that contains equipment, apparel, snacks, accessories necessary to keep one healthy and fit.

Each box comes with 5-7 full-size products from different brands. It’s a great option for those who love to try new products. Besides, the cost for each box will be quite low, around half of the price you need to pay if you buy those products individually.

By promoting this brand through your website, you will receive a 15% commission every time a new subscriber signs up.  This is really a unique and amazing service that your readers will definitely love to try.

18. Mighty Buns Affiliate Program

Commission: 5-10%

Cookie: 60 days

How to join: Click here to join 


Founded by an empowered woman, Mighty Buns sells a line of high-quality products to those women who love their body and want to feel powerful.

Women of different ages will be able to purchase from its available products including, resistance bands, ankle straps, wrist and knee support wraps, foam rollers, workout gloves, etc.

Mighty Buns’ products are suitable for working out at home or in the gym. Their free shipping offer across the US has made the company quite popular among the customers. 

The commission rate for the affiliates varies from 5-10% with a 60-day tracking cookie. You will also get a 10% discount code and free shipping on every order for yourself.

19. Primal Muscle Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie: N/A

How to join: Click here to join 

Any fitness guru among your audiences will love you for promoting Primal Muscle. The brand comes with powerful, muscle building supplements that help you to get into the best shape of our life.

Besides, it comes with experienced fitness advisors who can suggest the right product to meet your specific target. Its products are designed to build muscle, increase endurance and muscle mass, and make you stronger.

You can join its fitness affiliate program by signing up through ShareASale. Its 15% commission rate is quite an industry standard. Besides, it will help increase the popularity of your site for promoting such extraordinary products.

20. Ace Fitness Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie: N/A

How to join: Click here to join 

Most fitness enthusiasts these days want to become instructors and train others. However, someone has to be properly educated about fitness before they help other people.

Ace Fitness aims to help those who want to build their career as a professional fitness trainer. It comes with a number of certification courses that will help someone to become a health coach. 

Trainers will be always updated with the latest information backed by science, thanks to Ace’s constant research and innovation. 

The best part is, the company now even offers an affiliate program through which you can inspire your audience to become a fitness professional. You will receive an 8% commission each time it gets a new sign up from your readers

21. Workout Anywhere Affiliate Program

Commission: 30-50%

Cookie: N/A

How to join: Click here to join 


For those who want to stay fit but don’t have time or money for going to the gym, Workout Anywhere can be the best option for them. Since 2012, the brand has been helping busy people to maintain a healthy lifestyle anywhere.

The programs it offers include meal plans, goal tracking, recipes, mobile coaching that are wearable friendly. It means all your progress and information can be tracked using a mobile device.

One of the main reasons why its affiliate program is quite popular is the commission you will receive. Workout Anywhere offers a 30-50% commission for each referred sale, which is extremely generous.

Besides, you will be able to educate your readers about an amazing fitness option, which they can opt for without emptying their pockets.

22. Mukha Yoga Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 60 days

How to join: Click here to join

Mukha Yoga is one of the most reliable names for yoga apparel, mats, and other accessories designed for both beginners and professionals.  

Apart from mats, bags, and straps, it offers some interesting products such as mala beads, sticks, and oils for relaxation. 

With 13 yoga studios, meditation experts, and mindfulness gurus, Mukha Yoga is continuously working hard to make yoga a part of your life.

Its associate program will let you earn an 8% commission for every referred sale. Besides, you will be able to access its creative banners, text links to make your promotion a successful one.

23. Jillian Michaels Fitness Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 30 days

How to join: Click here to join 


There will be hardly any fitness enthusiast who doesn’t know Jillian Michaels. For years, this world-leading fitness expert has been helping millions of people to reach their goals.

Her fitness and nutrition plans are followed throughout the world by the professionals. She has also developed an app that lets users customize their exercise plan according to their specific goals. 

Jillian Michaels’s fitness affiliate program offers a 20% commission for every sale you make through your blog. Her increasing popularity will make sure you have a high conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

The best part of these fitness affiliate programs is they can be matched with blogs of different niches. Whether your website is about healthy eating, fitness, sports, lifestyle, or mindfulness, there’s a relevant associate program for you.

In fact, if you’re running a gender-specific blog, such as on women empowerment, you can promote brands like Mighty Buns or Idealfit.

Besides, joining those fitness affiliate programs will help you create unique and interesting content to inspire your audiences for a healthy and happy life.

The above-mentioned programs are some of the bests in this niche. Based on your preference, you can join one or more of these affiliate programs.

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