8 Hacks To Find Endless Blogger Outreach Opportunities

Hacks To Find Endless Blogger Outreach Opportunities

You might be an excellent and professional writer and even have your own blog with outstanding content. But are you getting enough readers to your blog? Probably not.

No matter how great your content is, chances are nobody will even learn about your blog. 

It’s because having only a solid content strategy with a commitment to quality isn’t enough to reach your audiences. You need the right promotion and linking strategy to make a great online presence.

Besides, if you already have some readers, you may want to expand the number beyond the people you already know. One of the smartest ways to do so is blogger outreach.

What is Blogger Outreach & Why It’s Important?

Blogger outreach, otherwise known as blogger relations, is reaching out to other established publishers, bloggers, or a site owner to publish or promote your blog to their websites.

The publishers you’re approaching can help get your name or your blog in front of their audiences in various ways, including sharing your content in their social media platform, accepting a guest post request from you, or just linking to the relevant content of yours.


If you’re new in blogging, this outreach is crucial for you to make yourself more visible to your potential audiences. If the publishers are popular and already have a number of followers who trust them, you can gain instant visibility and earn a portion of their trust.

Besides, blogger outreach is essential for your SEO ranking. Linking from relevant and highly credible sources can significantly increase your site’s visibility, helping you rank higher on SERPs.

Hacks for Endless Blogger Outreach Opportunities

There’s no doubt that a link from an authoritative site will surely increase your blog’s SEO. However, you may not get enough outreach opportunities if you don’t do it right.

The following hacks will help you get unlimited blogger outreach opportunities, helping you reap the benefits of your hard work.

Search in Multiple Sources 

Outsourcing to bloggers can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when you don’t know where to find them. That’s why it’s important to learn about the right source.

To reach a great number of bloggers, search in different sources instead of sticking to one. There are various mediums where you can look for publishers such as directories, social media, communities, among others.

Blog Directories

If you go to Google or any other search engines and type “blog directories,” you will see a number of blog directories and blog search engines where publishers can add their websites.

With just a few clicks, you can find blogs within your categories and sub-categories. All you need to do is to extract and filter to match your quality metrics.

Some of the popular blog directories including Best of The Web Blogs, Ontoplist, Bloglovin, among others.

Social Media

Social media platforms aren’t just a medium to make new friends and share photos anymore. They can let you tap into numerous unexplored blogger territories and help you outreach them.


If you’re using Facebook, you need to find some bloggers’ groups, join them, and find relevant publishers. Some of the popular groups are Mom Bloggers Club, Dad Bloggers, and Boss Girl Bloggers.

If your searching platform is Twitter or Instagram, you need to use some relevant hashtags such as #techblogger, #mblogger, etc. to outreach the right publishers.

Blog Aggregators

Blog aggregators can be a great source for endless outreach opportunities just like the directories. Feedly, Flipboard, Digg are some of the popular story and blog aggregators where you can search for publishers by categories and latest posts.

Blogger Communities

When you go through some of the great blogs you will see most of them are part of some blogging communities. The community sites are linked to these blogs via banners, badges, or as a link in the blog sidebar. These sites are an excellent source to find more blogger relations opportunities.

Check The Blog Comments

Most bloggers, particularly those who are engaged in some of the communities tend to share, discuss, and comment on each other’s content. Doing so doesn’t only help them to create a strong relationship but also to increase their traffic.


Checking those comments will help you realize that these blogs are quite active and outreaching those bloggers can be a great opportunity for you to connect with the like-minded bloggers.

Check The Inbound Links

Bloggers under the same communities don’t only share the content, they even link to each other’s website. This is particularly helpful for you since you will be able to outreach more than one blogger from your niche.

Use any backlink checker and run the bloggers website you’re planning to get the link from though it. You will get a list of websites this blogger is linked to, then categorize and filter them.

Check Your Competitors’ Backlink

While you’re busy finding publishers using different mediums, don’t forget to look into your competitor’s website as well.

Since your competitors are from your niche, they must have some backlinks from other renowned publishers. Investigate those backlinks and find out why they are linking. It could be a recommendation of a product or service or review.

If you have a similar type of content, you can outreach those publishers. If they are publishing your competitor’s blog, chances that they will publish yours as well.

Use Clever Search Queries

Even if you don’t use social media or directories, you can still find publishers for outreaching by using a smart search query. This is very basic but can help you to find bloggers from your niche.

Just go to Google and type queries like niche+ “guest post,” niche + “Wrote for us,” niche + “product review” blog, etc. If you use the word blog it will separate the larger online publications, which offer the opportunities for advertising.

For example, if your niche is motorbike and you are looking for bloggers to publish a guest post, you can simply search by typing motorbike+guest post on Google. It will show you the websites that accept guest posts on this topic.


Pitch Something That Can’t be Refused

Most people make a common mistake when they write content for a renowned publisher. They just outline the content and wonder later whether they will be able to get it published. 

No matter how well written your content is, the blogger you outreached will never publish it if it’s not tailor-made for that particular website. 

For any blogger outreach, whatever you’re planning to offer, a guest post, or just a link to your blog, make sure your pitch is highly relevant to the blog you’re reaching out to.

First, you need to select the right content and edit it with an enticing title and outline that’d be a perfect fit for your publisher’s website. Once you can publish your content to a reputed blog, it will be easier for you to get more publishers.

Write a Simple & Clear Outreach Email

While you can get hundreds of bloggers from different sources, not everyone will be interested in publishing your content. To convince them of the backlinks, you need to approach them in a highly professional manner.

Email is one of the most common ways to communicate with publishers. However, you need to be very careful about choosing your word while you’re writing to them.


The first rule of an outreach email is it has to be simple and clear. Whatever you’re asking for, just be straightforward about it. Besides, with the growing number of smartphone users, chances are your publishers will be reading the email on their mobile. 

Make sure the subject of your email reflects what you’re asking for, keep the email body short and sweet, and try to position your pitch high up in the email. It will make your busy recipients happy since they won’t have to go through paragraphs just to find out the purpose of your email.

Create Compelling Content

So, you have a huge list of publishers, emails are sent, and some of them are even interested to publish your content. Now what? Your entire hard work can come to an end if your content doesn’t stand out from the rest.

No publishers or influencers will be interested in amplifying your content and building a relationship with you unless it’s fabulous and offers genuine worth. 

To get huge publishers and bloggers connect to you, make sure your content is well researched, unique, and high-quality. When you have outstanding content, bloggers will be happy to promote it, thus creating chances for you to get more publishers.

Final Thoughts

Blogger outreach is an excellent way to promote your content and reach your target audience. It can help you to connect to a broader audience from your niche, improving your rank on the search page.

However, it’s important to follow the right ways and strategy to get more publishers to whom you can approach. Use them properly and make your online presence better than ever.

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