Betterment Affiliate Program Review – Should You Join?

Betterment Affiliate Program Review

Automated investing services are quite popular these days since they use digital platforms to make pre-programmed trading and investing decisions for the customers.

These are some of the most convenient and affordable options for people who want to invest wisely and have plans for a better future. 

However, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right customers since they might not know about you. In that case, financial bloggers can be a great help to you.

Some financial companies are now launching affiliate programs where they pay bloggers or affiliate marketers for promoting their services. While it will help them to earn good fortune, it also gives the company to reach its right customers. One such program is the one offered by Betterment.

Keep reading this Betterment affiliate program review that will help you to do proper analysis before joining this program.

A Brief Idea on Betterment & What It Does

Betterment is an automated investment company that offers a goal-oriented investing service. Based in Newyork City, the company was founded in 2008 by Eli Broverman and Jon Stein. 

Initially, they offered only online financial advice as an SEC-registered investment advisor, but later they decided to go with broker-dealer services as well. 

In June 2010, Betterment won the Biggest New York Disruptor award after launching at TechCrunch Disrupt New York. And, you know what? Within 24 hours, the company got around 400 early customers and started talks with early investors.

Right now, the company comes with three business areas including a platform for advisors, retail investment, and a 401(K) plan for mid-market businesses. The company uses principles-based Robo-advisor technologies for its personalized financial advice.

BetterMent Affiliate Program: How Does It Work

Like other financial investment companies, Betterment has an affiliate program that grants access to its automated investment service through a blog that promotes its service.

The program doesn’t only help the customers to learn about a company that offers smart investment decisions but also allows the publishers to earn a good amount of commission for promoting its service.

Betterment has launched its affiliate program via Viglink, CJ Affiliate, and Impact Radius. However, you can also refer your friends and family directly from the app using their referral program.

The company offers a fairly good amount of commission to its affiliate marketers. You will earn between $25 and $1250 per onboarded client, which has made this program quite popular among the bloggers. 

Once you join the affiliate program, you can promote its services in your blog, the customers will be redirected to Betterment’s website if they click the link provided on your website. Based on how many sign-ups you generate, Betterment will pay you the commission.

Why You Should Join This Program

If you’re running a financial blog or website, you may be thinking about starting your career as an affiliate marketer. In that case, considering the Betterment affiliate program as an option can be a good idea for you.

Starting from a good commission rate to increase your website traffic, there are several reasons why you should join this program.

Excellent Commission Rate

This is one of the key reasons why affiliate marketers love to join this program. Betterment pays you around $25-$1250 per customer based on the services they are signing up for. 


This rate is pretty lucrative if you want to make money through your blog. And since you can attract more customers once your blog becomes popular, chances that you will earn a generous amount as an affiliate marketer.

Increase Your Site’s Traffic

People who visit financial blogs tend to look for more than just some financial advice or the latest updates. They search for the reviews of some better investment services which they can try.


If your website promotes Betterment’s services, people will learn about an excellent way to manage their money. This will increase the popularity of your website, and eventually the traffic.

Great Service for Your Audiences

With so many financial investment companies these days, it’s quite difficult to find one that you can trust. There’s a high chance that someone may end up putting all their money in a company with ill intentions. 

That’s why it’s crucial to get proper knowledge about the company before investing. 

When people visit your blog, they will learn about if the company they are planning to go for comes with low trading fees, have user-friendly products, offers good stock variety, or not. As a publisher, you will be able to ensure that your readers won’t be the victim of a scam.

The Limitations of This Program

While the Betterment affiliate program is a great initiative for both the bloggers and the company itself, there are some limitations that may cause trouble in achieving its goal. 

No Landing Page

To make sure your affiliate program runs successfully, it’s essential to launch it directly from your website. But, if you go through Betterment’s website you will find no landing page for its affiliate program.

However, you will find a page for its referral program, which is quite different from the affiliate program. Although the program is launched via some popular affiliate networks, you may not know about them if you’re new in this field.

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Risk In Gaining The Right Customers

As a blogger, you may have a number of audiences who visit your website for different purposes. While some of them genuinely sign up for the service through your blog, others may just click the link and leave. 

This might be a loss for you since you’re not getting paid unless a customer signs up for the account.

How to Join The Betterment Affiliate Program

Joining Betterment’s affiliate program isn’t rocket science if you already have an account in either CJ Affiliate, Impact Radius, or Viglink. All you have to do is go to their website, search for this affiliate program, and join.

However, if you do not have an account in any of these affiliate networks, first you need to register to their websites. Opening an account on these websites as a publisher is quite simple but a time-consuming process.

You need to provide a lot of information such as your name, email id, contact number, your business details, and even traffic sources in some cases. 

Once you’re done providing that information, you will get an account verification email. Verify your account and you’re ready to join your desired affiliate program.

Final Thoughts

Betterment offers a service that helps people to make most of their money whether they are investing or saving. Its automated investing solution lets users manage their money using their smartphones.

By promoting their service you will not only ensure better traffic and a huge amount of money for you but also can help your audiences get the right service for them. Despite some of its limitations, it’s still one of the best affiliates programs that you should opt for.

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