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What is Authority Backlink

What is Authority Backlink?

Simply: In-content backlinks from contextually relevant sites with solid organic traffic.

Google trusts websites with good-organic traffic; backlinks from high-traffic domains are proven to be one of the key ranking factors. The more organic traffic a referring domain possess the powerful the backlink is.

A referring domain with high DA or DR (with minimal or no organic traffic) on the other hand could potentially be a link-farm or PBN that results in no SEO benefit.

Smart SEOs would rather go for backlinks with great publisher traffic than DA or DR only, wouldn’t you?

Here comes, OneLittleWeb Authority Backlink Service!

What Our Authority Backlinking Service Entails

Authority Backlinks VS Guest-Post Backlinks

Well, both of these are Guest posts in nature but Authority Backlinks are of higher quality as they possess more organic traffic.

Our Authority Backlinks come with a minimum of 5,000 guaranteed organic traffic. And it goes up to 100,000+ for the 30K+ plan.

Ideally, websites with strong organic traffic tend to be trust-worthy to Search Engines. So, it makes sense that backlinks from high-traffic websites are authoritative and powerful.

Here is what our Authority Backlinks are all about:

Here is what our regular Guest-Posts are all about:

Pick a plan that fits your needs

Scalable, reseller-friendly Authority Backlinks at the best price in the industry.

5K+ Traffic

Backlinks from 5K+ Organic Traffic Sites
$ 199 per placement
  • You APPROVE The Domains
  • 5K+ Publisher Traffic
  • Low Competitive Guest-post Topic
  • 1,500+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL

10K+ Traffic

Backlinks from 10K+ Organic Traffic Sites
$ 279 per placement
  • You APPROVE The Domains
  • 10K+ Publisher Traffic
  • Low Competitive Guest-post Topic
  • 1,500+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL

20K+ Traffic

Backlinks from 20K+ Organic Traffic Sites
$ 379 per placement
  • You APPROVE The Domains
  • 20K+ Publisher Traffic
  • Low Competitive Guest-post Topic
  • 1,500+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL

30K+ Traffic

Backlinks from 30K+ Organic Traffic Sites
$ 497 per placement
  • You APPROVE The Domains
  • 30K+ Publisher Traffic
  • Low Competitive Guest-post Topic
  • 1,500+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL

Here's what SEO pros have to say about us​

How we gauge backlink quality

We prospect and qualify backlink opportunities if they are-

Frequently Asked Questions


Buying backlinks is a BIG NO. Google discourages paying for backlinks. However, high-quality backlinks that ranks are not automatically built – no matter how quality content you have.

What’s the solution then? Well, You need to reach out to bloggers to get you a backlink.

This strategy is proven to be one of the safest methods of link-building. A contextual backlink from a naturally occurring anchor text and a relevant site is what Google rewards.

On top of that, the referring site needs to be a genuine website with real organic traffic and authority.

Doing blogger outreach all by yourself is a big hassle.

At OneLittleWeb we do not sell backlinks, we make a relationship with bloggers on your behalf. We secure the backlinks with the same care as you would do it for yourself.

No, we strongly believe “List of sites” is often the Link-farms or PBNs, because everyone got access to them and they publish any random content regardless of the relevancy or value.

As you know, Google only rewards topic relevant backlinks from real bloggers with organic traffic. There is no shortcut here but “Blogger Outreach” only.

However, you get to see and approve all the domains before we publish.

So, there’s no chance of getting low-quality sites, PBNs or Link-Farms.

Of course, we do! The content is the key here. Our in-house team with years of experience knows what content Google and the webmaster would appreciate. The idea is to publish content related to your target backlink and the publishing website.

Our research shows that search engines love engaging content. That is why we always provide a minimum of 1,000-2,000 words article per submission with no extra charge!

Unlike traditional service providers, we just don’t publish content for the sake of guest-post. We make sure they are well-researched, value-driven and with necessary graphics/images.

Well, we do work with all niches except Adult, Gambling, Casino, Betting, Firearms, and other sensitive niches.

About the anchor text, we use natural, branded, or naked URL anchors. However, we are open to taking suggestions from the SEO educated clients as well.

If the links are removed by accident (or for any other reasons) we will provide you a replacement.

Our normal turnaround time is 20 to 25 days; however, some sites do take longer or lesser depending on their editorial calendar.

Absolutely! Let’s schedule a meeting with us here at your convenience. We shall get in touch right on the time.

Well, the ranking does not depend on the backlinks only. The following things are also associated with this.

  1. The competitiveness of the keyword you are targeting.
  2. The on-page optimization of your overall website. 
  3. The quality of the contents. 
  4. The strategy of off-page optimization. 

If everything is done correctly before getting started with our service, you should see some positive results in your search engine ranking within a few months provide you make enough backlinks for the competition. Having said that, the ranking time may be higher if you are working for a competitive industry. 

However, if we are the ones to take care of everything, we certainly do provide a time estimation of ranking your website.

Yes, we will send you a full refund if you ask for it before the work has started. There are no refunds once we start your campaign.

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