Top 15 Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily [Complete List:2022]

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

Tired of waiting to get paid from affiliate marketing platforms? Here’s a list of the best affiliate programs that pay daily. 

The thought of waiting for a week or month to get paid for affiliate marketing may be upsetting for beginners. Plus, if the minimum payout threshold is high, you may get tired of promoting without seeing a single dollar land in your account. 

That’s why this post will list the top 15 affiliate programs that pay daily. When money starts rolling in as soon as you’ve made a qualified sale, you’ll be motivated to work harder and be on the path to a great online marketing career. 

Best 15 Affiliate Programs With A Daily Payment Policy

The highest paying affiliate programs that pay daily are mentioned below to give you the perfect beginning to an affiliate marketing business. Do note that not all of these are individual platforms. Some of them are affiliate marketing networks where you can sign up and promote hundreds of products. 

1. JVZoo

JVZoo affiliate program

You can sell anything on JVZoo and speed up the process through affiliate marketers. 

A free platform for affiliates, JVZoo allows anyone to join its 800,000-strong affiliate program and increase the sales possibility by manifold. 

With the JVZoo Pay account, affiliates get paid their 100% commission as soon as they make a sale. Payment partners like Stripe, PayPal,, and BlueSnap ensure secured payments. 

Plus, you get to maintain all your transactions history on one platform for the ultimate convenience.

Payout threshold: None. 

2. ClickMagick

ClickMagick affiliate program

ClickMagick is an online click and conversion tracker to ensure your digital marketing efforts are monitored and generate the highest returns on paid ads. 

In the market since 2014, ClickMagic has paid out millions of dollars to successful affiliates. 

ClickMagick allows you to earn recurring commissions of up to 35% on high-converting products. Plus, the bonus of daily payments makes the total offer more attractive. 

This is one of the affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal. 

Payout threshold: $50. 

3. Leadbit 

Leadbit Advertisers landing page

Leadbit is an affiliate network that focuses on five verticals – Nutra, gambling and betting, dating, finance, and gaming. This gives a wide range to affiliates to choose a niche they are good at. 

On request, affiliates get instant payments. The minimum amount paid is $50. Individual payments are not available. All the affiliates are paid at the same time. 

4. PracticePanther

PracticePanther affiliate program

PracticePanther is software that makes it easy to organize and manage legal cases. Automated case management, faster billing and collection, and real-time client updates make this software a time-saver for all practicing lawyers. 

Affiliates can sign-up for free and get 24/7 customer support. Banners, ads, and other marketing support are provided to maximize your earnings. 

It’s one of those affiliate programs that pay you $100 per firm as soon as they pay PracticePanther. Payments are made instantly through PayPal or Dwolla. 

5. PeerFly

PeerFly affiliate program

Launched in 2009, PeerFly continues to provide stellar solutions in online marketing. It’s an affiliate marketing network with customizable software that caters to all stages of the sales funnel. Thus, it’s easier for affiliates to get high conversion rates. 

An international platform, PeerFly works in all verticals and with publishers from every location. 2,000+ live offers, free tools and training, quick payment methods, and reward programs and contests are some of the attributes that affiliates can leverage.  

Affiliates get paid after a successful transaction. 

6. Robinhood 

Robinhood affiliates landing page

Robinhood is an investment software that is unique in that it’s commission-free, meaning you don’t need to pay a commission to any middleman. 

Affiliates of Robinhood have several advantages – beta testing facilities, accessing special offers and latest investment news, getting exclusive promo offers with affiliate links, and participating in special events. 

Payment is done as soon as every qualified sale is completed. 

7. Coinbase 

Coinbase homepage

Coinbase is the place where you can buy and sell leading cryptocurrency and stay ahead in the game with scheduled buys and an organized portfolio in one place. 

As affiliates, you will get access to tracking software and marketing materials to monitor your wins. You will get paid in your local currency through your bank account or PayPal. 

Coinbase gives out 50% of your referee’s trading value in the first three months, making it a lucrative pay per lead affiliate program. 

8. WarriorPlus

Warrior Plus homepage

WarriorPlus is an online sales and marketing tool that helps businesses grow with automated software, powerful products, impeccable tracking, and an army of affiliates. 

Depending on your performance and how new you are, you will be assigned a score. Your commission payouts may be delayed based on this score. When your score is 0, commissions are paid instantly. 

Your affiliate commissions will be directly deposited to your PayPal account. 

9. Rebll

Rebll affiliates landing page

Rebll is an affiliate network with a global presence. Its wide product portfolio and exclusive offers make it a platform that many affiliates want to be a part of. 

The platform boasts exclusive offers that have high conversion rates. 

Affiliates are provided with bespoke solutions to increase their earnings. Payout cycles are adjusted to suit the affiliates’ needs so that they don’t have to halt a campaign for lack of funds. 

10. Easy1Up

Easy1Up homepage

Easy1Up offers six digital marketing courses to educate online businesses on how to succeed. These courses are always updated to keep the learners in pace with the latest trends. 

Affiliates of Easy1Up can sell the digital marketing courses to entrepreneurs and get paid instantly. At the same time, they can take advantage of the sessions themselves as these teach how to make money online. 

100% affiliate commissions make Easy1Up one of the top paying affiliate programs. However, you need to buy the product you will promote, otherwise, you won’t be legible for the commission.

11. Rapid Action Profits

Rapid Action Profits homepage

Rapid Action Profits is the kind of affiliate marketing platform that deals with only digital products like online courses and e-books. It enables members to launch products, manage affiliates, collect a mailing list of customers, and develop long-term relations. 

As affiliates, you can work directly with the sellers and take advantage of the product offers they have. With every qualified sale, you get the commission immediately without reaching any sales slab. 

12. Leadstead

Leadstead publishers landing page

Leadstead brings together publishers, influencers, and advertisers on the same platform to maximize sales, campaign ROIs, and affiliate commissions. 

With more than 900 million monthly impressions, 800+ offers, 5,000+ publishers, and 400,000+ monthly conversions, affiliates can reach a wider audience with targeted marketing. 

Publishers or affiliates can fully leverage their traffic and convert them into an income source. Payments are made daily, weekly, or monthly on each qualified sale. 

Besides commissions, you also get paid for every click and desktop or mobile device installation of the app. 

13. Dr. Cash

Dr. Cash affiliates landing page

Operating in 50 niches of health and beauty, Dr. Cash works with hundreds of nutrition producers from all across the world. 

Affiliates can cash on from all sources including Facebook, Google, and others, thereby increasing the possibility of higher sales and commissions. Pick from the vast array of 2,795 CPA offers to make the best deals. 

With up to two payments per day, Dr. Cash offers an attractive option for beginner affiliates. 

14. Terra Leads

Terra Leads homepage

Among the CPA networks that pay daily, Terra Leads is a renowned name. It claims to be the world’s first CPA hub for affiliates, operating in 184 countries, generating 50k leads per day, and offering its own offers to the tune of 2,787. 

Terra Leads offers customized marketing materials as per the geographic location, transparent tracking solutions, exclusive discounts, and a lot of other advantages to affiliates. 

Besides paying commissions on every qualified sale, affiliates also get t-coins which they can collect and exchange for cars, electronics, and other high-end products. 

15. SEOClerks

SEOClerks affiliate program landing page

An online marketplace, SEOClerks sells a variety of SEO services including guest posts, link building, content and writing, and others. 

Affiliates can earn a recurring commission of 10% on each sale for the lifetime of the customer. Other benefits include more than 10% commission by some sellers, commissions on $5 coupon usage, and the chance to earn 100% commissions on selling one’s own services without having to pay 5-10% payment processor fees.

Final Words

There are only a handful of affiliate programs that pay daily. Many blogs cover those that pay daily, weekly, and monthly but in this post, we have focused only on those that make a daily or an instant payment upon qualified sales. 

Besides daily payment policies, you should look at other factors as well before deciding to sign up with an affiliate network. Some of these factors include the trustworthiness of the affiliate partner, reviews, payment threshold, payout timelines, and other factors. 

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